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The Bronzed Medallion

Since we’ve pretty much neglected the dining room since just before the Christmas season hit us, it’s high time we started back in on that room.  It’s oh so close to done, that is if a room is ever REALLY done, but there are still a few other projects that need to be tackled.  This weekend, we fixed the light fixture.  The dining room desperately needed a ceiling medallion to cover up the frayed pieces of sheet rock and parts of the electrical box that were sticking out from under the light fixture.  Out of the box, the light fixture just wasn’t quite big enough to cover up our mistakes.  We picked up an oil rubbed bronze colored medallion from Lowes for less than twenty bucks to cover up our happy accidents.

I was slightly appalled to learn that these things weren’t wood but more of a lightweight, plastic-ie material.  Who knew?!  I always thought they were made out of wood.  I prefer wood to plastic (or vinyl…like our old vinyl windows…ick).  But I caved on this one.  Colby mentioned the astronomically high price of a carved wood ceiling medallion and I just about died in disbelief, then I proceeded to the Lowes checkout with the plastic ceiling medallion tucked under my arm.  Once we got home, the process of installing this sucker was quite easy.  Easy because I didn’t do it.  I left it up to my electrician…Colby.  So down came the light:

Up went the ceiling medallion:

And twenty minutes later it was completely installed and looking much more polished and sophisticated (or as sophisticated as one can be in our permanent disaster area from house projects home).

It may not be as cool as the homemade ceiling medallion that I made for the hallway back here, but it is pretty much amazing.  Especially because it adds a touch of class to our dining room.

And why yes, it still says “Merry Christmas” on the chalk board.  I’m guessing that will probably get switched up in oh, say 14 more days give or take a month.  I’ll change it before President’s Day (Colby’s favorite holiday by the way) I swear!

And since I’m feeling very list-ie these days, here’s what else is on the horizon for the dining room.  First up, the cellar door:

It really needs to be finished.  The first month or so we were in our home, Colby slapped on a coat of primer on the old, dark wooden door and called it good.  It really is begging for a good, solid paint job since it’s quickly becoming they eye sore in the room.  Next up, the dining room table:

I scored this sucker at an antique store last year for $200, which I found to be quite a steal (read about it back here).  It’s an old Ethan Allen table set that came with eight chairs.  The table is in desperate need for a surface refinishing.  The chairs are also in need of some comfort and pizazz since many of the seats are falling apart.  These two projects are at the top of the dining room project list, but the total list is looking like this these days:

  • Install a ceiling medallion
  • Finish painting the trim (alas…not all the trim is painted yet…at least it’s all primed up!)
  • Refinish the table
  • Paint the cellar door
  • Figure out a way to upholster the dining room chair seats (I think I’ve got it all figured out, fingers crossed it works!)
  • Fix the outlets (if you look real close you can see how the outlet covers don’t quite fit the outlets…for some reason the outlets are a little too sunken into the walls…I’ll get my electrician on that ASAP)
  • Build a closet door bookcase
  • Add shoe molding to the baseboard to give it more of a finished, polished look
  • Stain and poly the wine rack
  • Come up with some cool new art piece for the space
  • Incorporate some house plants perhaps?!

I couldn’t find my old dining room to-do list so I made up a new one.  I’m sure most of it has changed since the last time I thought about what’s left to do in the space.

Pssst…So I need a little break from the painting train that’s gone crashing through our home these last couple of weeks.  I still have about a ga-gillion more painting projects to tackle (dining trim, hall trim, staircase risers, balusters, kitchen cabinets….just to name a few) but those can wait until the weekend.  I really need some crafty/decorating time.  Is it Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition time yet?!  I can’t wait to get my craft on!  So what have you all been up to?  Are you getting in some winter painting like me?  Or anything fun and exciting and up the craft alley?  Do tell!

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