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Diary of A Deck: Day One

Day one.  September 30th, 2011.  Seventeen-hundred hours.  The deck demo begins.  The troops (Colby and Angie) are full of excitement and joy as they begin working on their new deck.  The project at hand…demo the old stairs.

This task proved much easier than expected with the stairs severely rotted, exposing a safety concern.

One swift kick to the base and the old stairs fell right down.

The pile of debris was quickly removed and placed in a dump run pile in the back yard.  With the building zone cleared, the troops began prepping for the deck build, which is to commence at oh-seven-hundred on Saturday, October 1st.

The mobile work station was set up for the three day project.  The saw horse was moved from the workshop and the other side was MacGyver-ed from the truck’s canoe rack.  The troops were crafty and made due with the materials and supplies that they had.  As usual, our crew is just not properly equipped.

If you look closer, they clamped the canoe rack to the tree…you know…safety first:

By about nineteen-hundred hours, a few boards were cut and the house was prepped for attaching a deck.  Unfortunately, we are a man short with one of our troops (Angie) aborting the mission shortly after the demolition of the stairs.  We believe her to have gone AWOL, burdening the rest of the troops (Colby) with her tasks of cleanup and protecting the work zone from Goose attacks.  We cannot confirm or deny that her reasons may have been from coldness and hunger.  This concludes today’s update and I will be back in 24 hours with a full report of the day’s progress and our search for our missing troop.

Pssst….FYI, Angie’s Roost is going through some minor revamps.  I’ll be resizing images (I may have maxed out my free space) and updating all the old posts.  So if things look a little wonky or if you notice old posts popping up in your Google Reader, that’s what is going on.  I’m just too cheap to pay WordPress extra dough for more space and have decided to appropriately size all 1,000 plus photos…wish me luck!


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