Evolution of the Window Trim

This is the dining room window…bare…naked…plain jane:

We bought it back in June, installed it, and now we’re gonna talk about its new accessories!  And by accessories I mean window trim.  We had big plans for the dining room window trim inspired by our old digs.  Colby and I used to rent an apartment in this gorgeous old pre-1900s home with towering 10′ ceilings, a cascading staircase, and beautiful old moldings.  During the window trim installation process we were channeling our apartment the whole time (shhhh…don’t tell the house we’ve been fantasizing about our old flame…I mean…apartment).  Colby installed the trim all the way from the ceiling to the floor, just like in our old pad:

We love love LOVE the floor to ceiling window trim look.  It always feels like it makes a room feel taller.  Even our 10′ ceilings in the old apartment felt more like 15′.  So for a small dining room, this was a perfect trim solution.  It also adds character (or as we affectionately call it, it’s old world style).  And who doesn’t love a house with character.  Here’s a view of the ceiling half of the window trim:

And I can’t leave you hanging without a full monty shot:

We even accessorized the windows even more and turned it into a real vixen.  With just the plain old pine boards, the window was like your work outfit.  Like sporting your JCrew wool crepe suit with basic black pumps, a string of pearls and your favorite diamond studs.  So we added some base cap moldings around the inside of the upper and lower panels, kind of like when you take that same suit, add some leopard print stilettos, hot pink scarf, Jackie-O glasses and some serious hoops…..owww, owwww, owwwwwwwww!  So here’s the fancified upper panel:

And gettin’ low with the lower panel:

And the total ensemble:

Please excuse the floor in these pics…I’m totally working on that as we speak…errr….write.  So now with the windows fully accessorized it’s time for makeup…aka…paint.  This sexy beast will be sporting my usual Valspar Betsy’s Linen in gloss, my go-to white paint that is found throughout the house.  But don’t hold your breath for a big painted trim reveal post.  If it’s like every other trim project in the house, it will stay like these for oh….two months before I even start priming it and another month for me to finish that and move on to painting.  Who knows…maybe the painting fairy will sneak into our pad during the night and ambush us!  Wishful thinking!

Pssst…Who’s with me in painting procrastination?!  Don’t get me wrong….I love to paint….but I just put it off for sooooo long!  Any cures?  Witch doctor kind perhaps?  You know…considering it is Halloween month.  Speaking of…how’s everyone’s Halloween decorating going?  Any genius ideas?

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