Goose’s Pool & Day Spa

So this past weekend was THE HOTTEST weekend we’ve had all summer.  We’re talking upper nineties and humid!  I’m not complaining….believe me….I loved it.  We just don’t get that kind of weather here in Maine so you gotta soak it up while you can.  I may have been loving the heat but our dog, Goose, certainly didn’t.  Enter the kiddie pool…aka…Goose’s Pool & Day Spa:

We picked it up at the local Aubuchon Hardware for a whopping $20 (well…technically it was $19.99…I wouldn’t want to mislead you with an overstated price).  Let’s just throw this out there…I love Aubuchon.  They always have such great service and you can find the most random things there including chickens!  But back to the service.  The second we stepped out of the car we were greeted and asked, “Is there anything we can help you with?”  Colby, who immediately eyed the large plastic pool outside the door, didn’t hesitate and spouted, “we need one of those (pointing at the pool) and we need to get it in there (pointing at my car).”  We quickly paid, loaded up, and were pulling out of the Aubuchon parking lot in under five minutes flat!  Super speedy!  Once we were home, we wasted no time filling up the pool and introducing it to Goose:

Do you remember when we first introduced Goose to water/swimming last Fourth of July weekend?  It didn’t go so well then but he’s gotten a little bit better at swimming.  He keeps his paws in the water for the most part but occasionally looks like a drowning victim, or more like a shark attack victim from an old Jaws movie scene.  It’s not pretty, just saying.  We didn’t know what to expect with the pool.  We’ve tried a pool before but he avoided it like the plague.  Even when you threw toys in the water he would just circle the pool until one drifted close enough to fish out.  I don’t know if it was the heat or that he’s finally growing up (he’ll be graduating college before we know it) but he played in the pool all afternoon (with us of course…he doesn’t do much without us…he may or may not have a bit of attention problem…he gets it from his momma…oh how I love attention).  He was so funny playing with his toys in the pool!  I’m kicking myself for not getting some good pics of him playing in the water and of course when I tried to recreate the moment when I had my camera in tow, Goose refused to cooperate.  Oh well.  But hey, I managed to get this moment on film…errrrr…digital memory card:

Our pointer actually points.  Granted he was pointing at a frog and not a bird, but it’s a start.

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