Cottage Style Media Cabinet

So the other day I had a minor epiphany moment.  A few months ago, and by a few I really mean about eight, I designed and Colby built the most magnificent media cabinet known to man.  I may be a little biased there.  It’s just so dang amazing.  Then I finished it with a seafoamy paint, moved it into place, and stocked it.  What I didn’t do was provide you with a proper blog post to commemorate said accomplishment.  And I didn’t realize this until last week when I was trying to link my favorite furniture project (said media cabinet) to the Furniture Friday link party at the Miss Mustard Seed blog (one of my personal favorites) and found that this post was the only post about the media cabinet and it was (le sigh) not my best work.  So now we’re going to go back in time (imagine a little Wayne’s World dream sequence here “diddle liddle la diddle liddle la diddle liddle la”).  Here’s the media cabinet that Colby built (pre-finishing) from the first blog post:

And here’s what it looks like now (excuse our dusty floors…remember….sanding….le sigh):

And how about one more a little closer:

As usual, I dreamed up the design, Colby drew it up in Google SketchUp and then built it, and I finished it off with a few coats of glossy paint then some protective poly.  The best thing about building your own furniture, at least in Angie’s world, is that you can completely customize your piece to suit your needs.  This was what we used to have for a media cabinet:

COMPLETELY dysfunctional!  Do you like how the cable box is stored on the speaker?  Or the massive cable chaos?  Ooooh…ooooh…or the DVD disaster?  How did we turn this mess into a perfectly organized and oh so gorgeous media cabinet?  We paid attention to details as we customized our cabinet.  To combat the DVD’s we designed the shelf height/cabinet width to efficiently organize and store our massive collection:

Joe Dirt is Colby’s favorite movie FYI.  We incorporated some cord storage behind the components of the top shelf:

The whole cabinet interior was actually designed to perfectly fit everything we already had:

We even added some fun hardware to the piece for some extra pizazz that really fit the Maine Cottage cabinet style:

The favorite part of the whole cabinet, other than how it oozes uber organization, are the doors:

Isn’t it cool how the door only has one grill bar vertically positioned.  But then when you close the doors it looks like a more traditional cross section:

This is by far one of my favorite projects we’ve done to date.  It’s such a pretty piece and it’s full of functionality.  It really cleaned up our living room and turned it from college kid-ish to Home & Garden Magazine cottage chic.


  1. This turned out perfect! I love how you use the baskets to hold your DVDs! The color is beautiful – I love the open doors too!!

    1. Thanks so much Katie! We totally designed/built the cabinet around the baskets! By the way….LOVE the name of your blog! It’s so cute!

  2. That is just the prettiest cabinet! FYI Target sells something similar but nowhere near as good. My BFF wanted it, so thinking of her upcoming birthday I checked iout the reviews for it on line & found, people hated it for its toxic, chemical fumes, lack of predrilled holes, the fact itwas held together in the back w/ duct tape, etc etc.Yours is just so lovely & functional.BTW just read your posts about all you have done on your house and was totally blown away! Particularly loved the bathroom makeover, Was that gold veined linoleleum I spied on the walls in the “before?” My folks had it installed as an ” update” back in the day LOL. Anyway you have really taken Coyote Ugly in every room of your house and turned it into a swan. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Awwww…you’r so sweet! I’m gonna go cry now! And yes, yes that was gold veined linoleum in our bathroom which lasted all of one day before we ripped it out. Wasted no time! That’s the kind of stuff that always make me think, “what were they thinking?!” and them I’m sure that someday someone will say the same things about what we did in our home! Thanks again for the sweet comment and don’t be a stranger!

  3. I would love for you to build this exact cabinet for me and it be in the color red like a cherry the fruit color and ship it fully assembled I would pay for it and the shipping. Let us know Rhonda McGowan 609-864-3067 let us know how much

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