Hallway Trim…Check

This weekend, it felt like we were making real progress on house projects.  We were checking things off the list left and right and it felt sooooo good!  True to form, I also had to add things to list so we still had a nice long list, and plenty of things to check off, just the way I like it!  One of the biggest changes we made was installing trim and baseboard in the downstairs hallway.  And I use the term “we” very loosely here.  I was off in my own little painting world while Colby went to town installing doorway trim, baseboard, and staircase molding.  Isn’t he handy?!

There’s still a little more to do but we just ran out of materials and our local lumber yard was closed on Sunday when we ran out of wood.  But if you look at the far wall there is base cap on top of the baseboard.  It’s actually the same base cap that is also in our bathroom and the entry.  We really like the look and the consistency throughout the house.  We have every intention of continuing that theme throughout the rest of the hallway and the house.  We also took down the front door.  The reason was two-fold.  One…it was way easier to install the trim…two…I gave the little door a makeover.  More on that later this week.  Back to trim.  For the trim around the doorways we really like things simple:

It’s identically to how the doorways were trimmed out before we started tearing things apart so it fits in with the historical nature of the house.  It’s also easy and who doesn’t like easy?!  Here’s a closeup of the trim between the hallway and the living room:

The transformation these last two weeks in the hallway, and even the dining room, has been amazing.  We installed finished sanding & mudding, primed and painted, and even installed ski map art.  I love how painting and adding a little trim to walls that have been so barren and ugly for so long have made such a difference and really made our little construction zone feel like home.  Now I just need to get my but in gear and start painting all that new trim.  Considering I still have the bathroom baseboard to paint, and that’s been installed for over six months now, it may be awhile before I get to the hallway.  But we have used our time wisely and have taught Goose how to sit pretty on a bucket of joint compound:

You know…priorities.  Time well spent!

Pssst….how was everyone’s Labor Day weekend?  Did you tackle any exciting projects like we did?  Or teach your dog a fabulous new trick such as sitting pretty on a joint compound bucket?

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