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Painting + high temperatures + humidity + noontime sun does not equal a successful front door paint job.  Trust me.  A few weeks ago, ok more like a couple of months ago, we refinished our entry door and took it from boring old white to front door red.  At the time, great idea.  Looking back, bad idea.  Well, not the front door painting, or the paint color choice (seriously…the name of the paint color was “Front Door Red”…how perfect is that?!)  just the timing of painting the door was wrong.  I chose the hottest, sunniest, humid-est day of the year to do it and now I’m paying for it.  Check it:

What you’re looking at are is a pair of wood panels that we attached to the door to dress it up a bit.  The paint wouldn’t adhere to the caulking:

And the paint started bubbling around all the knots:

Apparently, painting in such heat/humidity is bad.  Really bad.  Which means fixing it later.  Consider yourself warned.  The bubbles finally went away but we were left with a bit of a mess.  Since it was finally cooler and drier this afternoon, I sanded down the door with a fine grit sanding block and touched up the paint with a nice thin and even coat.  Much improved, even though the paint is still a little wet:

After it dries I may add another coat or two for good measure.  No such thing as too many thin and even coats, in the world according to Angie that is.  Ok…one full monty door shot.

Pssst…have you had a slight painting disaster that you’d like to share?  Does it also involve a front door happy accident?  Maybe one that could help me learn and not make the same mistake?


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