Wedding Wednesday: Introducing The Band…Rooney & The Revolvers

This week sucks.  Let’s just put that out there.  Work (yes…I do hold down a day job) is awful, the home towns of people I know and love have been destroyed (I’m pulling for you Rochester), and softball is just not fun anymore (seriously guys…if you’re going to push girls around you belong in the men’s league…NOT in the coed league).  Despite the royal suckiness, the blog rolls on.  Why?  Because I LOVE it!  It’s seriously the highlight of my day, other than coming home to Colby every night (where’s the cheese police for that one?!).  But what do I love even more than blogging (but not quite more than Colby)?  Planning our wedding!  So I bring you another Wedding Wednesday post.  Tonight’s topic is about our wedding band.  We officially introduce you to Rooney & The Revolvers.

Dan Rooney grew up in the county (like me!) and is a long term friend of my brother.  They were actually roomies for quite awhile.  That’s how I met Dan.  I’ve been a big Dan Rooney musical genius fan for awhile, he does some killer covers, and started to take his show on the road playing at local bars in the county.  Later he pulled together his band, Rooney & The Revolvers, and began playing shows in my current neck of the woods, Bangor, Maine.  I have to admit, Colby and I tend to not miss a local Rooney & The Revolvers show if at all possible.  We’re big fans!  I’m just hoping that someday they make it big.  I’m talking real big!  So then I can tell me grand kids, when they say, “Gam Gam (that’s what they’ll call me) have you ever heard of Rooney & The Revolvers?  They’re awesome!” and then I can tell them the story of how I drove Dan around Bangor searching for gigs and how he formed his band and played at our wedding before he and the guys made it big.

Rooney & The Revolvers is a rock band and they’re amazing!  Personally, I love their Pearl Jam covers!  They also do a mean “Last Dance With Mary Jane” and “Folsom Prison Blues”.  They also have their own material and are hoping to make it big someday.  Speaking of making it big, they’re about to open up for Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, and Theory of a Deadman.  Oh yeah, and that concert is this weekend at the Bangor Waterfront.  So if you want to check out our wedding band you can do so this weekend.  And better yet…if you want or need tickets (you know you NEED them), let me know.  I’m helping Dan and the guys sell some tickets!

I know a rock band is a little unconventional for a wedding but neither Colby or I are the conventional type.  A band is our one splurge.  You know how when most people (and I mean most as in NOT a Kardashian) they usually pick a few items that are really important to them and splurge on those?  Many women tend to pick the dress, or the cake, or the perfect venue.  Well, Colby and I have picked the band to be our big splurge.  We want a super fun, giant party of a wedding in my parents backyard and what’s more super fun than having one of our favorite bands play all night long?!  I know you’ll love them.  Run right over to their Facebook page and check them out.

Pssst…To all you recent brides (or even brides to be out there) what was your splurge item at your wedding?  Was it the dress?  Or maybe something completely random like a photo booth?  Although I hear those are gaining in popularity.  Anyone have a dunk tank?  Colby has his heart set on one!

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