Home Anniversary 1

It’s official…I’ve been a homeowner for one year today!  Woohoo….I think.  Me and the house…we’ve had a love hate relationship.  It’s been a lot of love lately but the first few months were full of hate.  Not only was the house full of ugly but  we discovered so many slightly disastrous, strangely odd things that derailed many of our “just make it pretty plans”.  We’re talking plumbing issues, basement flooding, and sewer main replacement (although we’re still milking it out and waiting to replace it at the last minute…so all of our friends in the area get ready…we may be invading your bathrooms this summer).  But today I was really feeling the love and decided to celebrate our anniversary.  And who doesn’t love flowers on their anniversary?!  Thus, today I came home with five pink (they HAD to be pink) tulips for the driveway side of the house.  Here is one of the little buggers:

I’m going to make it a yearly tradition to pick up some flowers for the house to celebrate our anniversary.  I think it could become a really fun tradition.  I did really want hydrangeas for the front of the house but nobody seemed to have them yet.  I guess it’s still early for those.  So maybe this year we’ll have two rounds of anniversary flowers.

I planted all the pink tulips in the ground but they weren’t enough.  The space still needed to be filled out.  We had a bunch of tulips out back in the middle of the lawn (seriously…who plants flowers in the MIDDLE OF THE LAWN?!).  Last year, they met a sad fate (along with the raspberry plants) and got mowed down, supposedly by accident!  My trusty carpenter/plumber/mason/general handy man turned landscaper extraordinaire, Colby, dug up the flowers so I could transplant them.  Those plants still haven’t reached their bloom phase but they fill out the side of the house quite nicely.

They look so pretty!  But I have to admit…there may be a few more of these in my future to help fill out the space even more.  After all, there’s no such thing as too many pink flowers!

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