The Back Backyard

Last weekend amidst lots and lots of homework (we’re talking a parked up in the office at the computer all weekend type of situation) Colby “made me” go out back with him and help him with some yard work.  It did take some convincing, but I finally obliged, and it turned out to be the highlight of my weekend.  Here are the men of the house hard at work:

Our yard is extremely long but narrow and it extends right from one road to another.  It’s essentially like having two separate yards.  The “front backyard” was in pretty good condition when we moved in last year but the “back backyard” was a complete mess.  At first we couldn’t even walk back there.  But we trimmed back here and mowed down there (Colby actually mowed down a whole patch of raspberry bushes unknowingly…doh!) and it was starting to look better.  This past weekend we really went to town!  We cut down some trees…..

raked and piled up some serious brush…

and even Goose helped us out …

Goose LOVES sticks so this project was right up his alley!  The yard is really starting to look good (except for the muddy mess that is most of yard thanks to nonstop raining this spring…seriously…stop raining NOW).  So now it goes from the front backyard, to the freshly tilled and about to plant it up vegetable garden, to the raspberry patch, to the back backyard.

I’m thinking the ultimate game plan is to lay down some slate for a garden path down the middle of garden.  Then in the newly cleared out back section, kind of down near the other road, there should be a horse shoe pit.  I can foresee some mad games of horseshoe going on back there.  We just need to get a few more projects done before that can go in, it’s a distraction waiting to happen!  The space could also use some woodland type shade gardening and maybe a bench built by the handy carpenter.

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