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Our bathroom renovation has now been in the works for a year!  It was the first project we dove in on once the keys were handed over to us.  Can you blame use?  It used to look like this:

So I guess it was about time that we installed some towel hooks not only for Colby and I, but for any guests that may come our way.  AND we had the perfect spot to place some towel hooks, just under the built in shelf.

The space is absolutely perfect and has been begging to have something interesting in the space.  I thought some towel hooks with some sort of label for his/hers/guest would help break up the sea of yellow and create a useful and interesting feature in the bathroom.  Now, you would think this would be a simple task but the indecisive perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow that.  I mulled over my hook options and frame options for months until it finally all clicked.  Really, who does that?  This was the spatula incident all over again!  For those of you who don’t recall the spatula incident, here’s the reader’s digest version:  needed a spatula, went to Kmart, do I want slots or no slots, can’t decide, called in reinforcements, still couldn’t decide, spent hours in Kmart trying to decide.  So what did I end up with?  This:

I found some basic hooks from Lowes that matched the same finish as the light fixtures and shower hardware.  The “hook labels” are actually place card holders meant for wedding receptions found at the local craft store for about a dollar apiece.

All I needed to do was print off a label and rip off the stand-y thingy.  What do you call that thing?

While I prepped my frames and labels, the handyman was hard at work measuring, leveling, drilling….you know….handyman stuff.

It got a little tricky trying to attach the frames to the wall to label each of the hooks.  I ended purchasing some 3M Velcro adhesive stuff, Velcroed (my latest verb creation) two pieces together, adhered one side to the back of the frame, and then stuck the frame to the wall.  The project turned out pretty well.

Although I do have to admit that the frame way to the right, one of the guest frames, has already suffered a tragic fate.  I’m not quite sure what happened to it, but I’m going to blame the dog.  I always blame the dog.  That’s why we keep him around.  But the frame hit the floor only 24 hours after installing and ended up shattering.  Good thing they only cost a dollar and I know where to find hundreds of them!  But I’m very pleased with the creation and I think I deserve some serious creative props!  The his and hers hooks are my favorite.

So now we’re officially one more project closer to having a completed bathroom renovation.  What’s next on our bathroom to do list?  Build a vanity!  Now I just need to convince the builder to make it.  Maybe if I bake him cookies?

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