I Like To Move It Move It

Have I used that post title before?  There’s a distinct possibility I have.  But anyway…it’s official…we have moved into our spa retreat…I mean master bedroom.  Hello blissdom!

The room isn’t very well decorated, still needs alot of organizational work, and heck…completely lacks curtains/blinds/window treatments of some sort but we can’t help the I-love-this-room-so-much feeling that has taken over us this past week as we’ve been finally sleeping in our freshly remade room.  Seventies paneling be gone!

Oh yeah, and we still have to stain and poly the door.  Pssshhh…another project for another day.

Now that we have all our furniture in the room, it’s starting to feel tight again.  It’s not a large room by any means, thus why we’re attempting to squeeze every ounce of storage out of the room, but it honestly feels larger without the icky paneling and darker tones.  Technically the room did get larger since we took down all the old horse hair plaster and lath.  It gave us a few inches extra along each wall.  But the biggest gain of space was where we ripped out the old closet which is now the dresser nook.

There’s so much usable space in that nook now!  Before the closet wall came all the way out to my nightstand but now we have oodles of room to get dressed and ready in the mornings.

Oh and did you notice the new duvet cover?  It’s actually a wedding gift from my Aunt Colleen!  I know we’re technically not supposed to use it until after the wedding but we couldn’t help ourselves.  Which reminds me…I need to get on those thank you cards.

Can we just take a moment to discuss how much the un-centered bed bugs me?  I wish it could be centered so the window is right in the middle of the bed, but alas, then we couldn’t open or close our bedroom door.  Things are THAT tight in this room.  But what bugs me even more…my night stand.

I’m about 15 years overdue for a paint job on that sucker.  It’s from my bedroom as a child and it’s been with me all this time.  It’s got some good stories to go along with it along with some pics from my stylin’ circa 1998 bedroom in my parents home.  I’ll have to share those with you some time.  All I have to say…boy did I LOVE color back then!  Orange and yellow and green and blue all combined!

Now, I wish we could have left our room just like this.  But we still had the closet to move in, along this giant, blank wall at the foot of our bed.

Introducing our messy, pieced together, I-swear-it’s-temporary, master bedroom closet.

Such mess!  Such mess!  We used some industrial, meant for a garage shelves to store all our clothes in the master.  They’re not the prettiest of shelves but they get the job done.  Along with a makeshift clothes rod made out of scrap dowels for hanging my dresses and skirts.

We decided not to build our permanent closet system right away.  And honestly, we probably won’t get around to the “for real” closet system until after we lay the pine flooring.  Until then, we’ll use these shelves but may upgrade to some DIY wooden ones that optimized the space better and eliminate those empty, dead zones.  That empty space above Colby’s clothes is begging for some shoe shelves!  But until real closet system time, we’ll probably just hang a few curtains across the shelves to hide the mess.

It’s so weird to finally have all our clothes in our bedroom!  It’s been over two years since that’s happened!  Crazy town!  Before, some clothes were in our bedroom while most were stored in the guest room.  It made getting ready in the mornings a little awkward running from room to room.  I still can’t get used to having all our clothes in one place!  But I love it!  And now I need to hide it!  But I got a little sumpin’ sumpin’ up my sleeve to covertly hide the clothes.  Stay tuned.

Pssst…Anyone else move some furniture around or organize their closet?  Or have something they swear is “temporary” but has been around FOREVER?  I got a sneaking suspicion that our “temporary” shelves may be more permanent than we would like!


  1. That sucks about the door, can it swing out into the hallway instead?

    Room looks awesome, so bright and airy! You guys got on that so quick! W-day is fast approaching 🙂

    1. Sadly no switcheroo possible on the door…total suckage! But I’ll deal. Maybe there’s a cool way to mask the unevenness? Pinterest here I come! I know…W-day in t-minus 15 days! That’s why we were hurrying through the bedroom reno…our first house guests come by tomorrow! Eeeek!

  2. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but what if the door opened the other way? Could you then center your bed? Again, I’m sure you’ve already thought about it, but it would annoy me too. Anyway, looks great!

    1. Totally “tried it” by measuring…it’s a no go. Bleh! But there’s gotta be a way to mask it or something! Haha…bed centered OCD-ers unite!

  3. Have you considered a sliding door? A pocket door or barn door will give you the clearance you need to center your bed.

    1. A series of sliding barn doors is actually tops on my list of options, but a pocket door wouldn’t work in the room since there’s no room for it to hide.

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