The End Of An Era

Today, we said goodbye to a dear, dear friend.  Someone who has loved us, and cradled us, and given us great peace in life.  It’s been a solid 8 years of love, use and sometimes abuse, and we will sadly miss you.  Rest in peace hammock.

I loved that hammock like I love my unborn children.  It was such a friend to us all in the summer months.  Last summer, we attempted to fix the poor hammock after a couple of ropes snapped but alas, it wasn’t enough.  The hammock was just too far gone to resuscitate and it was time to say goodbye.

Because I can’t seem to go a day without hammocking in the hot sun, I tried to find a replacement (I know…the body wasn’t even cold yet).  The original hammock came from LL Bean and I loved it so much I had every intention of purchasing the same exact one again.  But sadly, there was an 8 week backorder.  Wop, wop, wop.  But my dear brother came to the rescue and sent down his hammock with my mom when she came to visit.  He wasn’t using it and let me “borrow” it for the rest of the summer.  I may need to “borrow” it for a more long term situation.

It’s not a permanent fix by any means but at least I now have a hammock home to appease me through the remainder of the summer.  Although, maybe I shouldn’t have replaced it since without it I got more wedding projects done.

Pssst…So what was everyone up to this weekend?  Did anyone else soak up the rays or veg in their hammock?


    1. Eeeeee! Yes! Thanks so much for stopping by! And your blog is so cute! Holy reno craziness Batman! Good luck with it all!

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