Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Undies

So for today’s Wedding Wednesday post, as the title implies, we’re gonna talk undies.  Or maybe a more appropriate title should have been “Making My Momma Proud” since I’m revealing my underoos on the blogosphere.  I told you…my mom is so proud right now of her daughter.  Yes…I DIY-ed myself some panties for our wedding.

Me likey!  I got the inspiration for this project from watching How I Met Your Mother (love that show).  I really do get inspiration from the strangest places.  But I’ll never forget the episode when Lilly was about to marry Marshall and she had forgotten here “Property of Marshall” underwear.  And at that moment I said to myself, “self, if you get married (at that time Colby and I were barely a blip on the radar) I’m going to make myself undies like that”.  And I never forgot about that.

Making the undies was super simple.  It involved some t-shirt transfer paper, leftover from a Joe Dirt t-shirt we made for Colby’s Halloween costume many moons ago.

And also some undies found at the Vicky’s semi-annual sale.  Gotta love a deal!

Then all it took was designing the text.  I used Microsoft Word to type it out using Impact font size 72.  Then, the only tricky part of the project, flipping the text so it’s mirror image style for ironing on purposes.  We found a mirror image property setting under print settings and that did the trick.  And then it’s just a matter of printing the text out on the transfer paper.

I went with a hot pink color for the undies, even though our wedding colors are navy and yellow.  I just love pink, it’s my favorite color second to sparkle, and finally found a way to incorporate it into the wedding.  Then after trimming the edges around the pink text, I ironed away.

And yes, I iron all dressed up.  It was my birthday dinner night otherwise I probably would have already been rocking the PJs.  But anyway, the key to good ironing when using t-shirt transfers is to iron on a flat surface, not an ironing board.  The surface needs to be 100% solid and smooth.  You don’t want that grate-like texture going on in your image.  So just lay a towel down on your counter and iron away!  You iron the transfers for about two minutes and then you let them sit and cool off.

Once the transfers are back to room temperature, carefully peel the transfer backings off.

Verrrryyyy, verrrrryyy, sloooooowly.

And voila…a finished pair of “Property Of Colby” panties.

Are you beaming mom?  From proudness?  Mom?  You still there?  Mom?  I think we lost her.  One more project closer to our wedding…only 16 more days to go!  But who’s counting?!

Pssst…Colby still can’t believe that I’m posting about my underwear.  Poor guy.  I didn’t realize he was so embarrassable!  But I’m not gonna lie…I love these and couldn’t resist sharing!  I may have to make another pair or two!


  1. (Singing) Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Angie, happy birthday to you. Oh, and we think the undies are super cool.

  2. That’s so damn funny. I loved that episode of how I met your mother. Great blog post….. favorite color next to sparkle? Ok, that made me laugh

  3. Now I am worried.
    I warned Colby about women like you, and he ran right out and found one. Cute panties though.

    Happy Birthday Angie. I will see you soon.

    1. Thanks for the b-day wishes! I know…I tried to scare him off, told him girls like me were trouble, but he somehow stuck around. Glutton for punishment apparently.

  4. Ahhh! Love them, awesome idea!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and that all your wishes came true!

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