It’s A Girl

Well, it’s official.  It’s a girl.  Baby Campbell, arriving in t-minus 3-ish months, is a girl.  I’m absolutely thrilled about this girl.  Granted, I would have been happy either way, boy or girl.  But I’m not gonna lie, there was a part of me that was itching to start hoarding bows, tulle skirts, and pink floral onesies.

It's A Girl

We found out around 19 weeks, at a follow-up ultrasound.  Anatomy scan #1 didn’t go so well since baby girl was in a horrible position to get most of the needed measurements, including showing us the goods.  She stubbornly wouldn’t move.  She gets it from her mama.  So a few days later we trekked back to the hospital for an anatomy scan round #2 which went way better.  All scans and measurements were recorded and the ultrasound tech announced “Girl…DEFINITELY a girl” and confirmed it a few times.  Thank goodness because one of my recurring dreams is that baby girl Campbell turns into baby boy Campbell on delivery day.

Colby is thrilled about having a girl as well.  Although, he’s had to let go of his dream of raising a future Red Sox switch-hitting left-handed relief pitcher and replace it with a little dancer.  Here’s hoping she doesn’t inherit my (lack of) grace.  It’s so funny how all of a sudden, now that we know the gender, it all seems so much more real.  Granted we are on the cusp of the third trimester so it’s getting real over here, especially when I try to put on my socks in the morning.  But now that we’re picking out names and working on the nursery, it feels like she’ll be here before we know it.

Gray deer onesie and bows to announce baby girl

Speaking of nursery, can I just take a moment to express how ridiculously excited I am about working on baby girl’s nursery?!  You can read more about our nursery design plans.

Adding accessories to a gender neutral nursery base for a girl nursery design plan

I’m happy to report that the crib is now put together, the glider is scheduled for a January delivery, the curtains just arrived (although they need hemming…hint hint Mom…we have a sewing project for our Christmas visit), and the rug has arrived.  I’ve been documenting the nursery progress as I’ve been documenting belly pictures every couple of weeks.  It’s been a fun way to remember nursery progress as my abdomen expands.  The pic below is at 20 weeks and we’ve made some decent progress since.

Nursery Progress At 20 Weeks With A Dark Painted Room

We’ll do another nursery update as soon as we make some more progress.  Although work here is slow going, mostly because I’m waiting until later in pregnancy to finish it.  You know, until post-baby shower.  But until then we’ve started working on a mini makeover (mini by our standards…not most people’s) of our first-floor bathroom and I’m finishing up some work in the craft room.  Until next time…


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