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Nursery Design Plans With Gender Neutral Base

The first week we found out we were having a baby was a bit rough for me.  Let’s just say the first-trimester fatigue and nausea were no joke.  But the thing that kept me powering through was designing the nursery for our precious little one.  Anytime I found myself super exhausted, I would park my butt on the couch and work in Photoshop putting together the nursery design plan.  It made the fatigue/nausea a bit more bearable…emphasis on “a bit”.

I knew it would be a while before we would find out what we were having (boy or girl) so I aimed for a nursery design plan based on the same neutral base with more gender-specific accessories layered in.  Then I could start working on the nursery, like painting the walls, before the 20-week ultrasound and just add either boy or girl accessories once we find out the gender.

A gender neutral base for a nursery design plan

I’m a huge fan of designing the nursery based on your tastes and something that fits in with the rest of your home.  Hence, no teddy bear themes or princess themes or themes in general happening over here.  Not that there is anything wrong with nursery themes, it’s just not my thing.  So I bring you the neutral nursery design base:

A gender neutral base for a nursery design plan

Sources for gender-neutral nursery base:

I’m happy to report that the glider is on order (arriving sometime in January thanks to a 14-ish week lead time), the crib is in a box in the living room waiting for assembly, and the curtains have just arrived.  Progress.

While I don’t intend to have a wardrobe of this size in the nursery (the room is far too tiny for that), I’m using it for style inspiration.  To make the room a bit more usable, we’re taking the inward swinging door off and replacing it with a sliding barn door.  I intend to channel this Pottery Barn wardrobe when building the door.

Adding accessories to a gender neutral nursery base for a boy nursery design plan

Should we be having a boy, I plan to add some accessories to the nursery design plan that scream all boy but work well with the neutral design base along with the style of the rest of our house.  Hence the addition of a traditional-style rug, textured pillow, and charming toys.

Adding accessories to a gender neutral nursery base for a boy nursery design plan

Sources for boy nursery design accessories:

Adding accessories to a gender neutral nursery base for a girl nursery design plan

And should we be having a girl, I intend to play up the pink for the nursery design plan in a non-bubble-gum-fairy kind of way; tempered by the dark walls, chunky wood, and a leather pouf.  I am obsessed with this design plan, especially the pom pom mobile and the pink flamingo/pineapple bookends.  Can I add those to our house regardless of whether we have a boy or a girl?!

Adding accessories to a gender neutral nursery base for a girl nursery design plan

Sources for girl nursery design accessories:

No matter which way the gender swings, I’m oh so happy with the design plans for our tiny nursery space.  We’ve known for a while what we’re having and will be sharing soon since most of our friends and family have now gotten the news.

I’m happy to say that nursery progress is well underway but yet there still seems like so far to go.  I’m a little hesitant to work on it too much until the glider arrives in January.  Despite sketching out a floor plan all professional with graph paper and a scale, I’m still worried about everything being just a bit too tight.  So this might end up being a last-minute, pull-it-together job.  Here’s hoping baby cooks until the due date in February so I have enough time to finish!






  1. Love your design ideas and keeping with the general house theme and adding fun accessories is a wonderful idea. We’re currently putting together a nursery too. Baby #2 will be here sometime in January 🙂 Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!

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