A Red Farmhouse Pendant For The Craft Room

Hello…my name is Angie…and I’m a hoarder.  Most of you I’m sure are fully aware of my hoarding of free and thrifted items for potential future home decor/renovation use.  For those of you who are new around here, I hoard these things in our oversized attic.  Last year, I found a silver farmhouse pendant light in the free pile at our dump.  To be specific, it was this farmhouse pendant light fixture from Home Depot.  Let’s time travel back to last fall when I started working on this craft room.  I had envisioned a red farmhouse pendant light hanging over the workbench in this space.  It was inspired by an old Country Living magazine cover of a dark office wall with a red light and I could never get over that image.  So when I came across a freebie version of the light, all it took was a little spray paint (nearly a year later…doh!) and now I have the red farmhouse pendant light I had pined over, costing only a couple of bucks for the can of red spray paint.

Dark craft room with a red farmhouse light fixture pendant above a rustic wood work bench

We left the electrical box centered in the room, which Colby is thanking me profusely for not moving, and simply swagged the light with a hook in the ceiling to hang it over the bench as an overhead task light.  Here’s the red farmhouse pendant closeup in all her beauty:

A red farmhouse light fixture hanging over a rustic wood work bench

And a shot from the hallway for the full monty effect for how this space exists.

Dark craft room in a vintage farmhouse with wide pine flooring

The red farmhouse pendant wasn’t the only switcheroo in the craft room.  I also made a ton of organizational edits along with adding some art (and ten pieces of flair…Office Space anyone?!) to give the room some personality.  In case you forgot, when we last left off on the craft room project in February, it looked like this:

Black craft room with rustic wood desk and wide pine floors

A little sparse and a little bare.  I had always wanted this space to look and feel like one of those super lived-in, on the verge of messy but still somehow put together, vintage vibe places and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I adore how the red farmhouse pendant ties into the red from the vintage nautical sign.  It’s one of my all-time favorite antique store finds and I’m so happy with it in here.

A rustic wood craft room work bench

Most of the art has been living in our attic since the dawn of time we moved here, so it’s about time I found a spot for it all.  Especially the vintage golfer piece.  He’s another one of my favorites, a thrifted find courtesy of my mother-in-law.

Organizing A Craft Room Work Bench With Vintage Finds

Not only did vintage art pieces find a new home in the craft room, but I also used as many vintage pieces as possible to help me organize all my most used supplies.  Like a salt cellar to hold thumb tacks, old baskets to house gift tags, vintage glass jars for washi tape, and even a brass planter to hold my ever-growing (and latest obsession) of floral frogs.  I do need to find a roll of tape that fits the old metal tape dispenser that I picked up earlier this year at a thrift store.  Christmas is coming and my wrapping station isn’t quite nearly ready to go.

Organizing a rustic wood craft room bench with vintage finds

My favorite vintage find used for craft room organization has to be the wood sugar mold.  It was one of my splurge items from my last trip to Brimfield.  As soon as it came home, I knew I wanted it on my workbench to house pencils since we’re always lacking pencils around this house.  Either they make their way out to the workshop with Colby, or the dog eats them (singing pencils are his favorite), or they just somehow vanish into thin air.  Now we have a dedicated spot where we can always find a freshly sharpened pencil.

Organizing a craft room work bench with vintage finds like a sugar mold

Although I officially call this space a craft room, it serves many purposes.  It’s truly my own little slice of creative space.  Not only do I craft on the bench but I also plan out house projects and room makeovers in this room.  I spend too much time than I care to share flipping through my many notebooks of magazine pages I saved for someday inspiration.  The other day I was up here sifting through them all and decided it was high time I started to plan out and work on our guest room.  So I took all my favorite images and pinned them up on the bulletin board to help me nail down what I wanted to do with the room.

A project inspiration pin board in a craft room

This room is also my wrapping station during Christmas (see the wrapping paper rack in the corner) and even serves as baby stuff overflow storage (see the toys collecting under the bench).

Dark craft room with a rustic wood work bench

I’m so happy with the direction that this room is taking and how those 10 pieces of flair have helped pull the space together.  And thank you mister red farmhouse pendant for kicking my butt into gear to finally finish off this room.  I’m vowing not to work on any other project or room until this space is finished.  That includes the nursery for baby girl Campbell due to arrive in less than 3 months!

Dark craft room with a red farmhouse light fixture

The red farmhouse pendant wasn’t the only project I’ve been working on here.  Let’s just say there’s a reason why I only photograph this room from this particular angle.  Just to the left of the photographer in the above picture is a hot mess of shelving that has just been begging for a makeover.  I’m happy to report that I’m just about done with a furniture makeover and organizing a project for this corner of the craft room that should make all my nesting and organizational dreams come true.  But more on that later.  For now, can we just admire the addition of the red farmhouse pendant, grab a few colored pencils, and color away in here in one of those fancy adult coloring books?!  Yes, please!




  1. What a wonderful place to think, dream, and reflect! The red in the light fixture, the number four, and the rug is subtle and beautiful next to the walls.

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