Wedding Wednesday: Window Sash Seating Chart

I’m not ready to give up Wedding Wednesday just yet.  I know I’m technically hitched but I still have projects to detail, insights to divulge upon, and shenanigans to share.  Can you blame me for not wanting to give it up?  A year of Wedding Wednesday posts just isn’t enough!  Besides, I have a few post wedding, memento like projects to work on too.  So with that Wedding Wednesday stays at least for a few more weeks.  I’ll keep it around as long as I can milk it out while we’re waiting to get our hot little hands on all those wedding pictures, and thus put together a final, here’s our wedding, post.  So today we talk about the old window sash seating chart, which was a HUGE hit at the wedding reception.

Not long ago, we picked up the old window sashes at a local flea market (which you can read all about here…we also scored some old yellow chaise chairs for the yard which I’m DYING to fix and paint)

The project was relatively simple and easy to recreate.  We wanted to keep that flaky paint look without the paint actually flaking.  To achieve this, Colby sat down one sunny afternoon and brushed on a couple coats of poly urethane to seal up (what we assume is) lead paint.

Next is where I’m going to reveal my dirty little secret…as to how I painted all those names oh so perfectly onto the window panes.  And I use the liberal “I” here.  I had help…alot of help thanks to Colby’s cousin’s (the best man’s) wife, Jen.  She’s a rockstar and my wedding savior!  But back to my secret revealing, good thing I’m not a magician or I would be black listed or something.  The window panes were about the size of an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  To make things easier on myself, I printed all the names in a script font, taped them to the back of the panes, and traced away using a pseudo fine craft brush and some white paint.

Well hello there perfect cursive writing.  So nice to see you.

Except did yo notice how the first two names are a little shoddy?  Colby tried to help.  And cursive painting just isn’t his jam.  But give him a table saw and a nail gun and he’ll build you anything you can fathom!  But anyway, Colby was stressing about the remaining wedding projects and decided to start working on the seating chart.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a “boy project”, more like a “girl project” and Jen and I quickly swooped in to save the window sash day.  Boys just weren’t made to write in cursive…or trace..or be patient enough to trace.  But I absolutely love the result of the window sash seating chart.  I find it charming and adorable.

And I’m still getting compliments on how adorable it, and the rest of the reception decor, was.  Operation “Nix The Cookie Cutter Wedding Factory Wedding” was a success!

Pssst…Alright ladies, it’s time for you all to weigh in.  How did you all do your wedding seating chart?  Any strange or unique or charming seating charts out there?


    1. Thanks Hope! I can’t 100% claim it as my own though. I got a little Pin-spiration for it with another wedding that did something pseudo like that.

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