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And now for an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of what went on in our not-always-so-humble abode during the Christmas season house project moratorium, declared a month ago.  The idea behind the house project moratorium was twofold.  First, we could use a little break from all the crazyness and the mess that often comes with house projects.  And two, we didn’t want to mess up the house and all the pretty Christmas decorations (you can check out a recap of the 12 Days Of Craft-Mas Christmas crafting series back here).  And a third reason would be to have some peace at home to enjoy the holiday season.  I must say I enjoyed the break from house projects and admit that we did pretty good abiding by the moratorium.  We did tackle a few minor house projects, which I’m about to share.

First, we took out the carpet in the kitchen (Goose had been doing some serious carpet ripping in the last couple of months…it was time for the carpet to go), and painted the sub floor temporarily.

Then that spawned the idea of ripping up the disgusting linoleum and trying to paint the entire floor:

That project didn’t go so well.  After doing a small section of the floor, we realized how difficult, frustrating, and just not worth it this project would be.  We decided to go a different direction with the kitchen floor (stay tuned for details).  But that didn’t stop us from installing a threshold between the dining room and the kitchen.

Woo to the hoo for no longer having a death trap…okay that’s an exaggeration…an ankle spraining trap of a void between the two rooms.  And finally, we started installing a door in the upstairs office.

Considering this room will also be used as a guest room, it’s about time we put in a door.  We still need to trim it out, poly the freshly stained door, and purchase/install a door knob.  Minor details.

Now that Christmas is over and we’re packing away the decorations and getting the house back to normal (or as normal as our house can get), I’m starting to get the itch to tackle some serious projects.  I’ve got to capitalize on this motivation while it’s here.  So, as alluded to, we’re about to do some serious flooring work, both in the kitchen and the living room/parlor.  The plan is to lay some new wide pine flooring in the kitchen and then refinish the old floors in the parlor/living room/hallway.  We’re about to unleash our inner DIY fury on some of the ugly lurking around our house.  I can’t wait!

Pssst…So our house has been way to clean and orderly this last month so I’m very excited to report that we’ll be renting a floor sander this weekend and making one serious mess!  Booyah!  And you know we’ll be sharing all the details as we go.  And FYI…neither of us have ever refinished a floor before.  Should be interesting!

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  1. A quick floor sanding warning, floor sanders use a lot of juice. From time to time they use too much and kick of the breaker. BE SURE TO TURN OFF THE SANDER BEFORE GOING TO THE B ASEMENT TO RESET THE BREAKER!!!!! I once failed to do this and when I switched the breaker back on I heard the sander upstairs take off across the floor, being the dummy that I am I did not think to switch the breaker off, instead I ran upstairs and found the sander had gone thru the wall between two studs and was in the next room tearing up the carpet….nice…huge hole in the drywall in two rooms and base board to replace.

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