New Product In The Shop: White Distressed iPad Stands

Since the blog serves a dual purpose of being first and foremost, the dumping ground for all things DIY and home renovation, but also as a behind the scenes, hints and tips, all things our Etsy shop purpose, we have a little new product release announcement to share with you all.  (Run on sentence say what?!).  We’re in a bit of a summer lull with the shop, which is nice not to be cranking out a ridiculous amount of iPad stands on a daily basis AND we’ve been able to work on some new product development.  Our latest edition to Roostic (our still pseudo new, home goods Etsy shop) are distressed white iPad stands…and also a solid white iPad stand.

Distressed White iPad Stand

I have been wanting to launch this duo for a LOOOOOOONG time but just haven’t had the time to tackle it.  I’ve quickly learned with the Etsy shop, since it’s a part time gig that comes second to my day job as a marketing director, we just have to take it one day at a time and one task at a time.  I can’t always come up with new products on a regular basis or as often as I want to, but they’re slowly coming out.

Distressed White iPad Stand

I’m seriously loving this distressed white iPad stand (and solid white iPad stand too).  I love how well they turned out.  They’re essentially exactly the same as our ever popular classic stained iPad stand except that instead of staining and polying, we primed, painted, sanded and stained the edges for the distressed iPad stand, and applied a couple coats of water based polyurethane.  They take alot longer to make than the classic iPad stand since the painting process is slower…aka…I’m a particular painter who aims for a nice, smooth finish while brushing on the paint.

White iPad Stand

As for the price, the painted versions are a little bit pricier than their stained counterparts since they cost a little more to make and take ALOT longer to finish.  But not much pricier at a $40 price tag.  Here’s a closeup of the neck of the stand so you get a better idea of how the distressing turned out.

Distressed White iPad Stand

This was one of my first attempts at distressing an item and I kid you not, it couldn’t get easier to do.  Just sand the edges wherever the wood would naturally wear.  Good candidates for distressing included the neck, the body sides, and the base where it meets the table.  I even gave the power button notch and stand lip a little distressing action.

Distressed White iPad Stand

Did you also notice that I’ve upgraded my product photos?!  I couldn’t be more excited about them!  Colby and I built a little makeshift photo booth for product pics so we’re no longer taking pictures of stuff in the middle of our dining room with Goose photobombing.  Small victories!  We’ll have to put together a DIY photo booth post in the not so distant future.  Maybe with a little marketing spin to it and REALLY dork it out!  Marketing dorks for life!

Pssst…One last shameless plug people, stop by and shop our Etsy shop, Roostic.  One of the next products coming down the pipe is the mini stand for the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini.  FINALLY!  I’ve only been talking about making one for two months now!  It’s a total “dude, get on that already” task.

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