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Noodling Around The Bedroom

Not to be confused with “canoodling around the bedroom”.  That’s an entirely different blog post for an entirely different blog.  We’re talking this evening about noodling around the bedroom.  As in making small changes, or tweakages, here and there until a room becomes more cohesive and more us.  Case in point…the master bedroom before the noodling began.

And now post noodling around with some new curtain rods and curtain sheers from Target:

Layering those sheers on top of our natural, roller blinds and dark wood stained trim softened and warmed up the space.  Suddenly it feels so cozy and feminine in there (shhhh…don’t tell Colby).

All it took was about 20 minutes of our time and $60 worth of curtains and curtain rods from Target.  Well…technically they were cheaper than that since I used a my Target card for 5% off and also a $15 off total purchase coupon.  So they were more like $42 for four 84″ crinkle curtain sheers (originally $9.99 each):

And two 24″-48″ curtain rods (originally $9.99 each):

The project not only included hanging the curtains and curtain rods but moving the wedding table number art that was hanging above one of the windows.

The table numbers moved over underneath the wedding art gallery that was going on just to the right of the window.

This is usually where I suffer from decorating-flub-up-paralysis.  It’s a real thing.  Look it up.  You’ll find my glorious mug in the Wikipedia description.  But seriously, I tend to have a hard time making these minor changes because I feel like once I do something, I can’t undo it.  It’s foolish I know, but I’m working on overcoming it.  I’ve even joined DFUPA (decorating flub up paralysis anonymous).  It’s those small tweaks that really make rooms more cohesive and the wedding table number relocation is a perfect example.  They fit in so much better as part of the wedding art gallery than they did above the window.  I just needed a kick in the pants to make the move (and some of your encouraging comments helped too).

As for the curtain installation, it’s something we’re becoming old pros in.  It starts with a VERY scientific process of eyeballing the curtain height…with Goose’s help of course.

We like our curtains just barely grazing the floor.  With the bracket spots measured out and marked on the wall (Colby is a stickler for making sure the curtain rod hangs level and the brackets are equidistant from each other…see…we’re technical sometimes) he screwed the brackets into the wall, into studs wherever possible.

And repeating the bracket hanging on both windows.

I didn’t even get mad at Colby for having his dirty shop shoes on our Pottery Barn bedding that we received for a wedding gift.  That’s what good wives do when their husband offers to hang the curtain rods first thing on a Sunday morning.  I don’t think he even had coffee yet, which explains the grumpiness level at an all time high.  And then it was a matter of just hanging the sheers.

Me likey the sheers.  Especially the ones hanging behind the bed.  As soon as they were hung it instantly warmed up the room.  I got giddy.  So giddy I may have cried a little and started gushing about how cute the room looks in that high pitched tone that only dogs can hear.  Goose was going crazy!  Well…crazier than normal.

Again, me suffering from why-can’t-I-just-do-it-already-itis (a close cousin to decorating-flub-up-paralysis) have been debating hanging sheers for a long time but was always worried that they wouldn’t “go” with the drop cloth curtains enclosing our closet.  I thought it would get too fabric-ie up in here.  But I think it looks just fine.

My other worry was that the sheers would cover up all the wood and we wouldn’t get to see that gorgeous trim work my handy hubby did.  But…duh…they’re sheers.

The room is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.  It’s been my focus du jour.  But as far as we’ve come there’s still alot more to do.  I’m just really good at taking pics that avoid the ugly.  And Photoshop is my best friend.  So here’s to keeping it real with a nice unfinished bidness shot:

Note the unstained/unfinished pine door and trim, lack of door knob, and the missing light fixture.  You can also add purchasing a light switch plate cover to the list.  It’s been missing in action for 2.5 years now.  And I’m SERIOUSLY debating wrapping rope around our headboard

I feel like the wood tones in the headboard clash a little bit with the wood tones in the window trim and baseboards.  But we’ll see where we end up on the rope the headboard front in another week or so.  That project is a thinker for sure!

Pssst…While we’ve been noodling around our bedroom this weekend, what kind of house noodling have you been up to?  Any small tweaks or changes happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love the addition of the new sheers…its so soft and cozy in your room now, they bring such an airy warmth to the space. And I’m IN LOVE with your idea to put rope on the headboard…oh please oh please do this!! You have me all excited to see how it would turn out! ps. I did tighten up a bit when I saw your hubs’s shoes on that PB bedding. Ha! Great job Angie!

  2. Love it! I’m thinking of doing sheer panels for the bedroom, too. Like you said, it instantly adds a bit of femininity and warmth without having to deliberate too much on curtain patterns. And I’m totally adding some wedding date numbers to our room! I get thrown off every year, bad wife!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! And do it…do the sheers! They’re a room changer for certain! Haha! And that’s too funny about the wedding date! Colby keeps saying that now that they’re hanging on the wall he has no excuses to forget.

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