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Expecting Baby Campbell February 2017

This is definitely one of those blog posts that I’m equal parts excited yet scared to write.  It’s kind of like when you were a kid and heading off to your first day of school…except bigger….WAY bigger!  And life-changing, holy cow is this life-changing!  But it’s time to let the cat out of the bag because there’s just no hiding it anymore.  Colby and I are oh so excited to share that we are expecting baby Campbell (our first!!!) in February.  Yet another reason why blog posts and projects have been so slow around here this summer!

Expecting baby campbell in February 2017 with stuffed animal and baby moccasins

I can’t say that this baby road has been the easiest for us (or the cheapest) but we’re so thankful to finally say we’re adding to our family.  Needless to say, this little baby of ours will be LOVED!  As if there was a question about that.  Baby Campbell is also the first grandchild for my parents so spoiled he/she will be.

Expecting baby campbell with my big fat positive pregnancy test

Because it wouldn’t be a truly valuable Angie’s Roost blog post without sharing a random story of shenanigans, let me share the story of the day we found out we were expecting baby Campbell.  It was a beautiful summer day, albeit windy, and Colby and I were on vacation at a lake house in Maine.  I had just taken a test and was staring at it not so patiently waiting to see if a second line appeared.  Seconds later I thought I could detect a super faint line so I ran downstairs, test in hand, to share the news with Colby.  I shoved the test in his face while he was cooking eggs for breakfast because nothing says I love you as much as a peed-on stick shoved in your face, and asked, “There’s a second line there, right?!  It’s positive, right?!”.  Colby’s response was, “Yeah, that looks like a second line” and went straight back to cooking eggs.  Shocked and disappointed in Colby’s lack of excitement, I slinked back upstairs to take a shower.  WTF, mate?!  Meanwhile, Colby was cooking away and processing what had just happened.  Apparently, he didn’t realize that what I held in my hand was indeed a pregnancy test.  Upon my return to the kitchen, he had figured it out and I was greeted with all the excitement that a soon-to-be new dad should have.

Now that we’re both clear that we are in fact expecting baby Campbell, and we should be because I’m 20 weeks along (halfway!!) and can no longer fit in my clothes, we’re BOTH super excited.

Expecting baby campbell ultrasound picture with baby rattle

I’m already frequenting the thrift stores and hoarding cute baby stuff, picking out names, reading all the books, and most importantly for this blog, designing the nursery!

Do you remember a month or so ago when I wrote about the death of our walk-in closet plans?  Well, that’s because we decided to turn that space into a small nursery.  The room is tiny but mighty and most importantly it’s directly attached to our room.  I’ve already started working on the space and have a couple of designs fleshed out, one for a boy and one for a girl, that I plan to share soon.

Expecting baby Campbell belly picture in the nursery at 14 weeks

I’ve also been trying to take belly pics, however awkwardly I may be in photos, in the nursery as we work on it.  I thought it would be a cute way to remember this pregnancy along with the evolution of the nursery.  Above I’m 14 weeks along and below I’m 16 weeks.

Expecting baby Campbell belly picture in the nursery at 16 weeks

We did recently find out the sex of the baby because a type A planner like myself just can’t NOT know.  I’ll be sharing that soon, likely in conjunction with the nursery design plans.  On another note, rest assured I have zero intentions of turning Angie’s Roost into a pregnancy/mommy blog type of space.  No offense to those who write those blogs, but that’s just not something I’m into.  I would much rather share stories of painting and tiling and furniture building than diapering and nursing and birthing.  So stay tuned for all the nursery goodness coming your way.

We do have a few other projects in the works before baby.  Projects like painting our kitchen and making some minor improvements on it, finishing up the craft room, and finally doing something to make the first-floor bathroom somewhat more appealing.



  1. Congrats on your good news, all the best. Among all the many rooms in the new house floor plan, none of them were allocated to potential future children so I figured it wasn’t on the cards. But once there are two lines on the test stick, a walk-in wardrobe is a nice-to-have, but a nursery is a must. Well done on the flexibility.
    You might want to allow yourself some leeway on future blogpost topics too, who knows if you’ll want to talk construction after a life changing event; your readers will come along for the ride either way!
    Congrats again, good luck with the second 20

  2. Congratulations Angela and Colby. So happy for you. Gosh, another family member. It certainly will be a major life change but a happy and great one full of love. Let us know soon what the sex of the baby is. Hope we get to see he/she before they are 10 years old. Ha, Ha. Again, best wishes from myself and the rest of the Everetts.

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