Nursery Progress: A Tale Of Two Rugs

We made some minor progress in the nursery this weekend, emphasis on minor.  I blame our lack of progress on sickness (I’ve been rocking a cold since Christmas) and birth class (which we did this past weekend).  Or maybe I’m just waiting for that pregnancy nesting instinct to kick in.  However, at birth class, they talked about nesting and how you get this urge to organize the house, decorate rooms, and paint things.  The instructor kept going on about the types of activities that women tackle during the nesting phase of pregnancy and I’m thinking to myself, “That sounds like my normal Saturday!”.  Anywho, we really need to get cracking on the nursery because we hit the five-week mark for the big show…just five-ish more weeks before baby girl Campbell makes her grand entrance.  We still have a few major things to tackle in the nursery, like lights, curtains, and rugs.  But I’m happy to report that we now have a rug(s) in the nursery, which is bringing in a ton of girly color to the room.

Duct taping two rugs together to make a just the right size pink rug for a nursery

The rug situation is one of those I spent way too much time thinking and stressing about.  If you remember back when we revealed our nursery design plans for either a boy or a girl, the girl option included a vibrant, pink rug.  I was very much married to that rug.  There were really no other affordable rugs that compared to this stunner from Rugs USA.  It’s the Chroma CB08 Color Washed Floral Rug in Cherry Pink.

The challenge with this rug is that there wasn’t a good fitting rug size for the room.  If you remember from our small nursery layout post this room is only 7’4″ x 8’9″.  Definitely not a big space to play with.  Plus I didn’t want the rug to take up the entire room.  I really like showing off our wide pine floors so I was looking for a rug size that would fit underneath the crib and the rocker, but not be so big that it stretched all the way to the door.  I deemed the 5’3″ x 7’7″ rug size too big for the room and ended up ordering one of the 3′ x 5′ rugs without even measuring it out in the room to make sure it was okay (big mistake).  Once the rug arrived and I unrolled it in the room I almost had a meltdown from not thinking this one through.  A 3′ x 5′ rug was way too small.  It looks like a postage stamp in the middle of the room!  Thankfully I had ordered it during one of Rugs USA’s epic sales so I only paid about $25 for the too-small rug.

A pink rug in the nursery that's too small for the space

This is where I really started to second-guess myself.  I debated ordering the too-big rug and using the too-small rug somewhere else.  But I didn’t like how very little of the floor was exposed.  Then I debated ordering a second small rug and duct taping the two rugs together to form a perfect-sized, 6′ x 5′ rug.  I waffled.  I asked Colby his opinion (order the bigger rug), but I just couldn’t do it.  I didn’t have a place for the smaller rug if I ordered the bigger one.  Plus I didn’t want to spend $120 for a larger rug if I could get by with duct taping two rugs together for an added cost of another $30 or so.  I waffled some more, Googled duct taping rugs together, and decided it was the right choice.  So I ordered a second small rug during the Rugs USA black Friday sale, and duct taped those babies together.

Duct taping two rugs together to make the perfect sized rug for a nursery

I was a little worried I would hate the look of two rugs duct taped together, but I have to admit it feels like the best fit for the room.  It’s hard to tell in pictures since the room is so small and hard to photograph, but the bigger rug would most definitely have been too big, taking up almost the entire room.  Plus how the rugs are positioned, you can barely see the seam as it falls underneath the chair and the crib.

Duct taping two rugs together to make a just the right size pink rug for a nursery

Duct taping rugs together for the win!  It’s so nice having a blast of color in this room since the major pieces in the room are very much neutral.  It’s now starting to look like a girl’s room.  The next steps for the nursery include hemming/hanging curtains, bringing in some more textiles, and setting up the changing table area.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I have this rug in my guestroom and it is SO COOL to look at. I’m pretty sure nobody will be able to tell unless you specifically point it out. It’s another one of those things we may notice ourselves but to the average person they would have no idea. When you have your baby crawling around on a pretty pink rug you won’t care much either 🙂

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