2013 Resolutions

When I think about resolutions, I can’t help but think of Jack’s Mannequins’ song “The Resolution.”  Not that the song has anything to do with new year’s resolutions, it’s just a catchy tune with the word “resolution” in it repeated over and over again (I actually think it’s about a breakup).  Officially added that song to this evening’s Goose run playlist.  Anyway…lists have been made, resolutions have been mulled over, and after reviewing 2012’s resolutions and how well (more like how poorly) I tackled them, it’s time to reveal them to you dear readers.  And this year, I’m mixing it up and limiting to myself to three specific resolutions in three different areas:  house, blog and personal.

House Resolution:  I Hereby Declare To Finish Our Second Floor

I’m one of those people who thinks a house (or a room) is never really done.  There’s always fluffing to do…new art over here…switching out a throw pillow over there…etc.  But there’s a difference (a BIG difference) between fluffing and basic necessity.  And there is NO reason why we shouldn’t be finishing up our second floor…bathroom included.  For crying out loud I’ve had the shower curtain for the “revamped” bathroom for eight months!

Bathroom2 copy

There are four rooms on that level…the craft room (which I would consider “done”, our master bedroom, the guest bedroom, and the bathroom).  In the past two years we have gutted each of those rooms down to the studs.  None of those spaces, with the exception of the craft room is finished.  The master still needs real flooring (not just a painted sub floor), which will be the wide pine flooring that’s already in the craft space.

Master Bedroom With Red Nightstand

The bathroom is still missing a vanity and I’m kind of sick of the yellow paint color.

Bathroom Progress Take 2

And the guest bedroom…well…it kind of looks like this:

Guest Room Progress Take 2

But Colby may just be mudding and taping up that room as I type.  So that’s the resolution for our home.  See…I’m trying to be more specific than last year’s “finish nagging projects”.  I could argue that our whole house is a nagging project!  It’s like a disgruntled housewife.  Sorry…bad joke.

Blog Resolution:  I Want A Project Gallery, I Want A Project Gallery

Can you hear me whining through your computer screens?!  Cuz I am.  I want a project gallery like Carrie Bradshaw wants those new Manolos.  Except without spending six-hundred bucks.  I’ve done so many amazing projects that I am SO proud of but they’re buried on the blog.  There’s a goldmine of house projects here, I swear, and I want to showcase them all in one, easily scannable spot for all you to peruse at your leisure.  It would be like what the refrigerator is for kid artwork.  And since I don’t have a great photo of our project gallery because…duh…I don’t have one, here’s a picture of our dog child since the blog world needs more Goose in it.

Goose Loves The New Rug

Personal Resolution:  Enjoy Life

Totally vague, I know, but totally important.  Let me explain.  I made a little list of the thirty things I was going to accomplish by thirty and gave myself a year and a half to do them.  They’re not difficult, they’re fun, and I thought if I blogged about them, I would do them.  In a year…I’ve accomplished six of them…um…life fail.  At least I made Colby his birthday cake!  He enjoyed it…and I enjoyed him wearing the cake dome as a hat.

Colby Being Weird

Okay…I’m off to tackle life so I can check that off the resolutions chart…oh yes…there are charts.

Pssst…Okay guys and gals, it’s your turn.  What are your resolutions this year?! Dish!

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