Primed & Proper Parlor Trim

The parlor trim is officially primed…well kind of…there are two newly installed pieces of trim that need to be primed.  While Colby was away last weekend, Angie played…with paint that is.  Not only was I able to knock out all the painting of the walls, I was also able to put a couple coats of primer on all the ugly, cream colored trim that was clashing with the freshly painted gray walls.  I was busy.  But thanks to some long hours at work this week (it’s a super busy week and I’m trying to hammer out all my projects so I don’t have to go into work this weekend…I’ve got some momma/best friend in town plans and a little dress shopping/wedding planning going on), I haven’t made much progress since this:

That’s the view from the living room towards the dining room/kitchen area and below is the opposite view, from the dining room towards the living room.

Just priming the trim made such a HUGE difference in this room.  It’s starting to feel really comfy (even without furniture) and home-ie.  Here’s a reminder picture of what it looked like before (also note the missing trim on the far wall where the future his/hers desk will be located):

The other night, while I was touching up the primer on the window, Colby buckled down and installed the missing crown and baseboard on the far wall.

It was a pretty easy project.  At this point in our home renovations trim installation (Colby’s job) and pretty-fication (my job) is standard in our repertoire.  And Colby even got to use his new tool, the Black and Decker Bulls Eye laser level.

Apparently, if you blog about wanting a tool for Christmas (back here), sometimes a mom picks up on it and purchases said tool for you for Christmas.  Using the laser level wasn’t necessary for this project, but it sure was fun!  It also reminded us how un-level and un-square everything is in our 100+ year old home.  The crown installation went smoothly but Colby got creative when it came to the baseboard.  To install the baseboard, instead of purchasing a 7″ board to match the old trim, Colby used two 3.5″ boards that we already had in the basement and stacked them together to form a 7″ board.

This trim piece will end up behind the desk so we figure no one will ever notice.  Besides, once it’s primed and painted it will look completely different and hopefully the seam disappears.  I may even throw on some wood filler or caulking to hide the seam even more.  While I’m at it, I’ve got some serious patch work to tackle in the corners where the new crown molding meets the old crown molding.

Just by finishing off the trim, even without it primed like the rest of the trim in the room, the space is already starting to feel more finished.

I’m seriously chomping at the bit wanting to camp out in the parlor to finish up all the trim painting.  I’m making Colby wait until the trim is done before we move in the desk and start putting the finishing touches on and install it.  I’ll be back early next week for a desk building update.  ALOT of changes have been made to the desk over the last couple of months.

Pssst…So this weekend my momma is coming to visit!  Yay!!  AND we’re going wedding dress shopping….double YAY!!!!  I can’t wait to tell you all about during Wedding Wednesday!  Could I use any more exclamation marks?!  SURE!!!!!!!!


    1. Phew! A little relieved here! I was worried everyone would stare at it and be like, “dude, what’s wrong with your baseboard?!” Thanks for stopping in and leaving the awesome comment!

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