Pull My Sash

And we’re back in the dining room for yet another update.  Are you sick of our dining room projects yet?  It’s okay…you can tell us…we’re here for you.  We’re definitely not sick of the dining room projects because it’s been shaping up really well lately.  This time, it’s window related.

Specifically with the window sashes.

Please excuse Goose.  He feels the need to be in EVERY picture.  Well, okay, not every picture but a significant amount of them.  It usually takes about five pictures to get one shot without him in it.  But anyway, we decided to add sash pulls to the window.  Colby, the window guy of our relationship,thinks they dress up a window and I would have to agree.  What girl doesn’t like to accessorize?  I was all for accessorizing our window.  Thus, we picked up four sash pulls from the local Aubuchon Hardware store (it’s amazing the things you can find for your house at a hardware store) for about four dollars apiece:

Then we summoned the power tools from their slumber in the basement:

And got to work.  After using a sophisticated sash pull placement method that included grabbing a pair of pulls and using the natural dual grabbing span of my hands to place the pulls (does that even make sense to anyone but me?!), then Colby measured and marked the drilling locations.  Using his NEW Milwaukee M18 cordless Lithium-Ion drill (yeah…I sell tools), Colby drilled pilot holes into the bottom rail of the sash (yeah…Colby sells windows):

He did this to prevent the wood from splitting when drilling the sash pull screws directly into it.  Then he used the 12 volt Ryobi drill to screw the pull into the pilot hole.

And voila….properly installed sash pulls:

I know what you’re thinking…but do they work?!  Rest assured, I tested them…they work:

Wow…nothing like a window related blog post to make you realize you need to clean your windows.  Window cleaning has officially been added to the list!  But don’t they look purdy?!

They really are like the perfect accessory for the window.  What earrings and blingy necklaces are to me, the sash pulls are to the window.  AND they match the color and material of the light fixture that we blogged about back here.  Let’s step it back a bit for a view from afar:

They add just a little bit of flair to an otherwise monotone, sea of white trim.  I love adding flair.  The minimum requirement for flair is 10 pieces.  But “If you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair like your pretty boy over there Brian, why don’t you make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?”  Gotta love Office Space!

Pssst…so show of hands, how sick are you of dining room projects?  Don’t get yourself worked up, we’ll be moving along to a new, and very exciting blogging series in a week or so (I’m soooooo excited)!  Stay tuned for all the details and ensuing shenanigans! 

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