Return Of The Flea Market

My type A personality is apparently taking a much needed vacation.  I had big plans for doing a “bedroom week” here on the blog to cover all the projects we’ve managed to tackle during our master bedroom renovation.  But today, we took a little trip to the flea market in Searsport, Maine (my favorite flea market in the whole wide world) and I couldn’t wait to share with you what we found.

We scored….like super scored.  It was like getting lucky with Superman.  And, true to form, the super score-dom came from my favorite booth at the flea market (read more about the flea market in this flea market post of yore).

What did we score?!  All this stuff!

We’ve quickly learned that when we go to the flea market, especially when we go with a list, that it’s wise to take the pickup truck.  And boy did it come in handy today.  Here’s our loot from another angle.

Our flea market escapade was dual purposed.  One, we had a few wedding related items that we were looking for (old sash with glass unbroken, a galvanized tub, and a small table) and also a pair of nightstands for our master bedroom reno.  We didn’t find the nightstands but we did come across these yellow beauts:

I spotted those yellow lounge chairs from afar, grabbed Colby’s arm, and squealed with joy from the uber find.  And when I asked how much, the shop owner told me $15 a pair.  Considering both were in great condition other than a couple of broken straps, I knew deep down they were coming home with us.  Actually, we saw the chairs but wanted to finish looking around first before purchasing them.  But while I was at another booth I got so paranoid that someone would take my chairs that I ran right back and snatched them up.

They’re not the prettiest chair on the block but they have some serious potential.  My game plan: replace the broken straps and spray paint the whole thing.

The chair is totally nasty looking, although incredibly comfy.  I tried cleaning it and spraying it down but that wasn’t helping.  The chairs need to be painted.  I’m currently leaning towards a seafoamy color but at some point today the chairs have been coral, navy, lime, red, and yellow (a softer yellow) in my mind.  Who knows what I’ll choose in the end.  And I’m also debating breaking down and purchasing a paint sprayer since I can’t even imagine how many cans of spray primer and spray paint this project will take.

Other items that we came home with, almost as excited about, included three old window sash for $8.00 each that I’m planning on utilizing for a wedding project.  More on that later.

Then there was a wall mounted, laundry drying rack for $20.  This was a total surprise score that I couldn’t pass up because I had intentions of DIYing something EXACTLY like this.  And it probably would have cost us more than $20 and a whole lotta pain.

Then there is the galvanized tub for $15 which I’m also planning on using for the wedding.  Technically for the night before to hold frosty adult beverages that we will be serving at our backyard bbq.

And then there’s the old, small table who was $25.  He’s also for the wedding, to hold the guest book out in the field where we’re getting hitched.

Colby also picked up a fishing pole for $5 but I somehow forgot to take a pic of that one.  I have a one track DIY wedding/house project mind.  Apparently I have no time to fiddle around and photograph fishing poles!  I kid I kid Colby!  Fishing is awesome!  Well, my kind of fishing is awesome.  The kind where I lay in the canoe and read all day while Colby paddles it around and fishes.

The total cost…..wait for it….$119.  Actually, it ended up being $104 thanks to a volume discount.  Not too shabby especially where it includes a pair of lounge chairs for the yard.

Pssst…Now that I’ve come down off my flea market high, what have you all found lately?  Any other flea market fanatics?  Or have you found any great steals at a local shop?  Dish!

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