Wedding Wednesday: Whoopie Pie Favor Boxes

One month.  One month to go and counting.  As we keep creeping closer to the wedding, people keep asking me if I’m nervous.  My answer.  Yes and no.  No about the getting married part (although Colby told me today that I should be…silly boy) and yes about getting everything done in time.  At least everything major is done and in place and all that’s left are the personal touches.  You know, like the favors/place card combo.  Which is the perfect segue into tonight’s blog post: whoopie pie favor box creation.  Before “manufacturing” the 150 plus favor boxes, I opted to first put together a prototype and see if I liked it first.  I started by gathering all my materials.

From left to right those are kraft paper tags from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, jute, fern stamp and black ink, kraft paper favor boxes that I mentioned back here, a text stamping kit from Martha Stewart, navy thread, and navy tulle.  The game plan favor boxes wrapped in jute, adorned with a tulle bow and place card.  Okay….go.  But first, my inspiration courtesy of a Martha Stewart wedding magazine.

That pic of the whoopie pies has been my inspiration all along for the whoopie pie favors.  I just wanted to put my own spin on it using our wedding colors and some kraft paper, which is keeping with the theme of our wedding.  First, I wanted to decorate the boring boxes with the “Whoopie…we got hitched” message from the Martha inspiration pic…because frankly…I think it’s awesome!

Instead of making a message insert like Martha did, I wanted to stamp the inside lid of the box. To do this, I used a Martha Stewart stamp kit that I picked up from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics about a year ago.  It’s pretty neat.  There are tons of letters in different fonts.  You just spell out what you need and stick them on the hard plastic holders for a customized stamp.

Here’s my sad attempt at photographing that process.

I stamped “Whoopie” one letter at a time, mostly because I only had one “O”, but had enough letters to make a “we got hitched” stamp.

The process was a little slow but I can totally see it speeding up in an assembly line fashion to pound out 150-ish of these.  The only thing I don’t like about the stamp kit is that the letter “I” doesn’t really look like a letter “I” in “WHOOPIE”.  But it will do.  And of course we couldn’t possibly think of modeling our whoopie pie favor boxes without a whoopie pie.  We later modeled eating it.

Next step, tulle pom poms which came from a Martha Stewart pom pom tutorial here.  Sensing a bit of a Martha theme going on here.  To make the pom poms I started by cutting 3″ by 28″ pieces of navy tulle using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter.  Martha recommended 20″ of length but since the fabric was 56″ wide, I went rogue and opted to use a length that was half the width of a bolt.

And then using the navy thread, I tied a knot on the end and then sewed a running stitch down the middle of the strip of tulle, bunching and gathering it as I sewed along.

Then I tied the two ends of thread together leaving the thread ends loose so I could use them to tie onto the jute for wrapping the favor package.

And finally there’s the place card tag.  I had picked up a package of 20 place cards at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics for less than $2.00.  To dress them up a little bit, I stamped them with a fern stamp that I also found at Jo-Ann’s and ties into our fern centerpieces.

And then using the same letter stamping kit from earlier, stamped the guest’s name on the tag.

And using the jute to tie the whole package together, assembled the favor boxes.

And I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  I know there’s alot of brown going on with the boxes, the place card, and the jute but the pop of navy on the top helps break that up.  Besides, there is alot of color and pops of white going on with the reception tables, so the brown favor boxes should complement that well.

I may make the pom pom a little bigger.  I’ve since tried 3″ x 56″ and 4″ x 28″ and I’m liking the wider strips of tulle better.  The 4″ x 28″ size looks better proportionally with the size of the box.  The pom poms are quick and easy to make so it doesn’t take me long to try a few different sizes.  AND tulle is CHEAP.  I got seven yards at Jo-Ann’s for less than $5.  But that was also thanks to it being on sale AND using a coupon.  Score!

One favor box down and 159, give or take a few to go.  Thank goodness my mom is coming to visit this weekend and to help me tackle a few…scratch that…a ginormous list of wedding related craft projects.  She has no clue what she’s in for!

Pssst…Alright brides, feel free to chime in here.  I want to hear about your most recent wedding related craft project.  Just don’t give me too many ideas.  I have enough projects going as it is!  Anyone make a favor box?  Or place card?  Or go with a two for one combo?


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