Return Of The Map Heart Art

It’s the return of the mack map heart art.  And now I have Mark Morrison officially stuck in my head…awesome.  A long, long time ago we made ourselves a little set of map heart art.  We’re talking this was so long ago that my mom was just about our only reader on the blog (hi Mom!).  You can read the old map heart art post but be warned…me no bloggy well…or take pictures well.  But check out that fresh bling on my finger all shiny and new!  Anyway…we made a trio of little map hearts…one for my hometown of Presque Isle, Maine, one for Colby’s hometown of Rochester, Vermont, and one for the city of Bangor, Maine where Colby and I met and now reside nearby.  They lived in our bathroom when it was yellow…see:

Bathroom 2

When operation paint the bathroom mint commenced, the art came down without any intentions of returning the lost boys map hearts to the bathroom after it was painted.  So the trio of frames sat around for a few months, in the corner of a room, waiting to be relocated while I was going through art hanging paralysis.  Seriously…I could not decide, even if my life depended upon it, where the map hearts would hang.  Would they go in the guest room turned Etsy shop space?  Or maybe in our bedroom?  Or in the hallway?  So last week while I was scrambling to come up with blog worthy projects as we were about to head out on a Lake Champlain vacation, I overcame my paralysis (funny how “I need projects done” pressure works) and ended up hanging them in the second floor hallway.  Shazam!

Map Hearts In The Hall

They’re hanging out in the hallway in the empty space between the bathroom and the craft room/guest room.  But before we hung the little frames we first had to do a little heart surgery…of the map variety…you know…since the hearts were all wonky like in their frames.  I confess…I never taped them down in the frames.  The hearts were just floating in there all willy nilly like.

Map Heart Art

But rest assured it wasn’t anything that a little double sided tape and eyeballing (centering it wise) couldn’t fix.  I bought the double sided tape accidentally two Christmases ago and was too lazy to return it.  But it has saved my (exaggerated) life a few times including our little heart project.

Double Sided Tape For Map Hearts

While repairing the hearts, I also decided to write down the location that we were featuring on each art piece since I never did that the first time around and kind of regretted it.  Especially when several towns showed up in the center of each heart.  So I penned the location that was near and dear to us on each of the frame mats.  It was one of those moments in my life that I truly appreciated my neat and orderly penmanship.

Label Map Hearts On Picture Mat

Then it was just a matter of hanging our frames in a somewhat level and even fashion in the hallway.  I would like to say that we whipped out the level and tape measure for hanging purposes, but not so much.  We pretty much just eyeballed it and went with it.  But it works for us and now we have some cheery art happening in our otherwise naked hallway.  And I mean REALLY naked hallway since we’re also missing the light fixture which we took down 3+ years ago and have yet to replace it.  Apparently I’m also undergoing hallway light fixture choosing paralysis as well.

Map Hearts In The Hall

Ignore the missing bathroom vanity mirror.  It’s undergoing a little…okay…extreme makeover to take it from “blah builder grade” to “oh em gee this is so West Elm like”.  We took down the mirror four weeks ago and still haven’t finished said project…doh!  It’s a total “Dude get on that already” moment!  Hopefully this week we’ll find a little spare time to finish it up and post about it. Until next time…peace out dear readers!

Pssst…Anyone else making some minor updates around their home these days?  Isn’t it funny how we put off simple projects for so long (but yet find time to build a massive work desk) and how the little projects have such a big impact?!

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