She Thinks My Tractor Seat Stool Is Sexier In Turquoise

A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how that music used to make me smile we bought a tractor seat stool at Home Goods.  It was an impromptu purchase while on a Vermont road trip because when you see a tractor seat stool, you buy it.  Those are the rules.  No exceptions.  But alas, the tractor seat stool was red which isn’t necessarily my favorite color…not even close…I’m more of a blue girl.  But I left it red until the Etsy work space evolved a little bit more.  But now…that tractor seat stool is sporting a brand new turquoise coat.

After a bit of color debate, I opted to paint the stool the same turquoise color as the cage light fixture that we made last week, which happens to be leftover paint from our media cabinet in the living room.  Nothing like a little color synergy in the space.  But my favorite part of the stool’s new paint color, is how cute it looks with the coral curtains.  I’m a sucker for coral/turquoise color combos.  It gets my insides all tingly ever time.

But remember where we were just a few-ish weeks ago?  Red stool with green/yellow curtains.  Oh my.  Not so great.

Painting the stool was one of those super quick and super easy projects that provides a big impact.  As for the how we did it portion of this program, it was our regular old spray painting song and dance.  The stool was metal with a super glossy finish.  So I prepped the stool by wiping it down with a liquid deglosser, which magically scuffs up the finish without sanding AND cleans the surface all in one step.  Then prepped our paint sprayer for painting.

We’ve hit the one year mark on our paint sprayer (a Graco 2900 purchased from Lowes…you can read our Graco paint sprayer review) and I have to admit, we’ve been having words.  Strong words.  Like the kind you yell at the dog after he ate an entire plate of freshly grilled bbq chicken (been there).  Fightin’ words.  I’m kind of wishing we had upgraded the paint sprayer to the next model up, the one where you don’t have to water down your paint.  And it’s been a clog monster lately.  Live and learn.  At least a clog saved Colby from being spray painted a lovely turquoise color.

Next step, spray time.  After I worked by Goldilocks skills with the water to paint ratio until I got the perfect consistency of not too runny but not too thick to clog the sprayer, I layered on about four thin and even coats of paint.  Three coats almost covered up the red, but not quite so a fourth was needed.

I’m a big fan of spray painting outside by putting down a scrap piece of plywood or some cardboard in the lawn and plopping my spray painting piece down on top of it.  It’s so much easier to tackle these kind of projects outside.  Then you can leave them out there to fully dry and harden before taking them in.  Sadly, our spray painting days are numbered.  See the leaves in the yard?  Spray painting season is drawing to a close as the temps are dropping and winter is looming.  My spray painting trigger finger is officially un-itchy…and gloved.

After a couple days of dry time, the stool returned to the Etsy office space and I happily plopped by butt into the turquoise seat.  Such a happy tushy!

As for what’s next in the Etsy office?  I’ve got a few decorating/organizing projects up my sleeve.  My favorite kinds of projects, the little ones that add some depth, layer, and texture to the room.  The kind that really make a space unique and give it some character.  Stay tuned.

Pssst…While we were spray painting away this weekend, what were you guys up to?  Any painting projects?  Organizing?  Halloween prep work?  Man…Halloween is sooooo soon.  I’m officially not ready!


  1. Perfect pairing with the coral curtains! And yes, I believe it is a rule that all tractor seat stools must be purchased immediately. (As well as ceramic animal heads and anything with a chalkboard surface.)

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