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About a month ago on what felt like the hottest day of the year (it was in fact the only truly sunny weekend day we’ve had all summer) we decided the shed needed a mini makeover.  It really just needed a MAJOR paint job.  See what I mean?

Colby started the overhaul with a little painting around the window he installed last year and the new window box:

For my regular readers I’m sure you’re thinking, “where did that window come from?  I haven’t seen a post about a new window in the shed!”  Well…we had to keep the window install on the DL for a little bit.  Why?  Here’s the story.  First, that window is probably the most expensive window in our house and it’s not even in our house, it’s in the shed.  It’s an old Andersen Window “sample” that Colby “forgot” to return when he transitioned from being the Andersen Windows sales rep to the Brosco sales rep.  The “sample” somehow ended up in our shed.  Wonder how that happened?!

So our shed makeover began with a new window box that I picked up at Lowes for about $15.  Here’s a closeup:

I got the idea of using clay pots inside a scrolling, metal window box from the summer Pottery Barn catalog.  They had a very similar setup which cost about $75 for the window box and $25 for each of the pots for a grand total of around $150 compared to my $24 project ($18 for the window box and $2 for each pot from the craft store).  Then I just picked up a few annuals to fill out the pots, and presto, a much more dressed up window.

Check out the PIT (painter in training) all proud of his man skills:

Don’t let him fool you, I’m the painter in the family.  Colby just usually does the high spots where I can’t reach and I do the rest.  Although he is an impeccable scraper:

We found that all our shed needed in the scraping department was a good “sweep”.  I’m loving the air quotes today.  We swept the side of the shed with one of our floor brooms which really did the trick in removing the flaking paint.

Our shed really started to shape up and just by adding paint, a window, and some plants it went from drab to fab.  Just look at the before/after difference from painting:

Was it obvious that we desperately needed to paint the shed?  After painting it was time for a little gardening.  To dress it up a little more we planted a few hostas underneath the window:

Apparently, hostas are going to change my life.  According to our neighbors, they’re the dream plant for this area: they grow in the cold and the shade, you can’t kill them, they’re perennials, and did I mention you can’t kill them?  Our neighbors have 39 of these in their yard.  Hostas are their go-to plant and they’re about to be mine.  They’ve been in the ground for a month now and are thriving!  Can you believe it?!  Plants are thriving in MY yard!  The yard belonging to those who have no green thumbs.

So this concludes our mini shed makeover.  I have to admit, it looks much improved:

I’m just now realizing this is my “after” shot which really isn’t an after.  Ooops.  But it’s dark out now making a true after shot impossible, so just imagine those hostas planted in the ground and some grass growing around them.  I promise I’ll update you with a proper after shot later.  Perhaps with a sneak peak into our thriving veggie garden and strawberry garden.  Yummy.

Oh, per usual, Goose “helped”:


  1. What did you do to that dog to make him look so innocent and quiet? I don’t think Goose is capable of lying down on the job. Shed looks great by the way.

    1. We drugged him….just kidding. Actually, Goose HATES hot weather and goes into a zombie Goose mode when the temp is above 70. Thus, while we were painting outside Goose hung out in the shade. It’s the ONLY time he sits still!

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