Sun & Sand

I know I’ve been complaining ALOT about all the drywall sanding we’ve been doing (I admit it) and it’s about time I gave you a little tour of all the drywall progress (mostly so you can understand why I’ve been doing all this complaining…and maybe have a little sympathy pain…or maybe you’ll come help me….pleeeeeaaaaase).  Appropriately, we’re taking the tour following a sand session on one of the hottest, sunniest, muggiest days of the year..  What was I thinking?!  Insert face to palm here.  Let’s start with the second floor hallway:

Then move down to the top of the staircase which has a really cool lofty area that I can’t wait to either do a really cool art piece or install a really cool hanging light fixture (or if I’m feeling uber crazy…both!):

Then we’ll glance up the stairway:

The previous areas are FINALLY all done with the sanding!  Wooo to the hooo!  The following areas are a work in progress but are oh so close to done.  These include the front door area:

The sewer pipe enclosure which has been a pain in the arse:

But at least with the new encasement that Colby concocted we can open the front door to the porch completely and it doesn’t bang into the wall behind it.  Then there’s the first floor hallway:

And more of the first floor hallway:

And the dining room:

And here is one more shot with both the dining room and the first floor hallway:

We are oh so close to finishing all the drywall sanding.  My plan (and you all know how much I love a good plan) is to finish all the sanding before priming begins.  With about half of the drywall ready for primer it’s been killing me not being able to prime but I know it will be easier to prime everything all at once when all the sanding is done.  And my best Doug (that’s my best friend Doug…I just coined that phrase for him and I think I like it) once said, “keep it simple and stay the course.”  So Doug-ie this one is for you:  I’m keeping it simple and staying the course…at least for another day…no promises as to what tomorrow will bring.  Lately I’ve been scheming up ways to add some pizazz to the bathroom (as if I need ANOTHER project) so we’ll see if I can “stay the course”.

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