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The Weekend Update With Angie

This weekend was a pretty uneventful weekend here at the good ol’ roost.  However, we did knock off two items on that right hand sidebar to-do list going on.  First off, I FINALLY finished painting all of the trim in the parlor!  Mini wave in celebration of me….wooooooooo!  And, Colby finished up the doors to the desk and put it all together.

Painting the trim white really doesn’t seem to make much difference in the room.  Essentially, the trim is just a little glossier (I like using the gloss finish for trim painting) and just a little less bright white (the white paint I use throughout the house isn’t quite as bright a white as primer is, it’s a little softer, and it’s Valspar’s Betsy’s Linen…FYI).  Thus, let’s concentrate on the desk being finished and installed!  Mini wave in celebration of Colby…wooooooooo!  The only thing left to finish is some door pulls.  We have it.  We just cannot find it at the moment.  They’ll pop up the second we stop looking for them.

And here’s the desk from another angle.

So, you see all that space above the desk?  It’s just begging to have some shelves, ledges, baskets, and other organizational goodies to be added to it.  It’s saying…”Angie, Angie….organize me…make me pretty…give me something interesting”.  What?!  You don’t hear it?!  You gotta be real quiet like you’re huntin’ wabbits!  And true to form, now that we’ve checked off a few things in the parlor to do list, let’s see how we stand:

  • Sand down the parlor floor
  • Stain and poly the floor to make it super pretty and super durable
  • Paint the parlor walls gray to create cohesiveness with the hallway and the dining room
  • Install missing pieces of trim
  • Sand down, prime, and paint all the trim in the parlor
  • Install a new light fixture
  • Finish the his/hers desk and move it into the room
  • Move the internet cable to the other side of the room
  • Organize the INSANE number of office related computer/equipment cords
  • Create a super functional office storage system using some long shelves on the wall above the desk
  • Find a rug for the desk space (kind of done but not really…we have a rug but it’s the wrong size…thus the search continues)
  • Refinish the old Target cubes or build a new bookcase (I’m a little uncertain what I want to do here)

So we still have a bunch of projects to tackle in this room.  I haven’t even begun thinking about decorating the space beyond the organizational system that we’ll be putting together.  Eventually, the room will need art and curtains but those items are on the back burner.  Right now we’re focusing on getting a functional and organized office space set up.

Pssst…You can catch up on some of the parlor process back here where we sanded and stained the floor, here for some floor polying and finishing, here is where we painted the walls gray, here is the trim priming project, and here is the desk update from last week with a look inside the doors/drawers.

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