Time Of Death 2:51 PM

I love our dog, I really do, but sometimes he does stuff like this:

Death Of A Lamp

Look at him sitting there all innocent and smug looking.  Yup…one of my favorite things in our house, my beloved orange lamp from Pottery Barn, is officially dead.  Time of death 2:51 pm.  And I cried.  Like, CRIED cried and then I realized it was just a lamp and I would be okay-ish.  Emphasis on “ish”.  Colby thought a real person died when he found me balling my eyes out.  You see (caution…I’m about to get all sentimental on you), it wasn’t just a lamp, it was a symbol of grownup-ed-ness.  Those lamps were the first big girl apartment purchase I ever made.  They were pseudo pricey (still on sale but at Pottery Barn), a big step up from my usual cheap plastic-ie purchases at the time, and I dreamt of having them forever.  Sad face.

Dead Lamp

But let’s get back to the scene of the crime and see if we can crack this case wide open.  You see…we have this dog…his name is Goose…and he is OBSESSED with squirrels and neighborhood children.  He reminds us of the dog from the movie Up (you can check the movie clip out here).  Needless to say, a squirrel came running up the driveway, which usually triggers either a high squirrel alert (slight whining at the window) or a full-on, stage 10 squirrel freak out.  Let’s just say, the later happened and BOOM!  Down went the lamp.

Orange Pottery Barn Lamps

Here’s a little reenactment drawing that I put together for the crime scene investigators shortly after the great lamp crash.  I wanted to be sure to get every detail down.

The Crime Scene Sketch

Foolish Goose and his awkwardly large puppy paws!  And foolish Angie for spending the money her parents gave her for drawing lessons on candy instead.  Those drawing skills would have come in handy for future lamp murders.  Oh…and that’s Goose’s tongue hanging out of his head.  He always has his tongue out when he’s going crazy!

Anyway, I couldn’t handle getting rid of the dead lamp altogether.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving it a burial by garbage truck.  So we scrapped it for parts.  Colby stripped it of it’s electrical components and I kept the lamp shade.  Our hoarder tendencies couldn’t bear to get rid of such treasures!  We may end up making another lamp down the road, like maybe a wine bottle lamp?!  But we’ll see.  At least we have the parts to make it with now!

Pssst…Goose has 100% been forgiven for his lamp mishap.  In fact, I take partial blame for putting the precious lamp so close to “Goose’s” chair and “Goose’s” window!  Ha!  Spoiled dog child!


  1. Ohhhh noooooo…I have made love for Goose, but this one would be tough to just pick up the pieces (no pun intended) and move on from. I completely understand your sentiments to this being a big kid purchase. We all have those pieces scattered through our house and usually (well maybe just in mine) we’re not even crazy about the style anymore, just what the mean to us..but I hate to tell you, this particular purchase was still quite fabulous and I’m so sorry to see it go! 🙁 I morn your loss, and look forward to seeing what comes of the salvaged parts)

    1. Hahaha…don’t lie…pun TOTALLY intended! And I’m glad I’m not the only one with sentimental attachment problems to big kid purchases!

  2. Oh Goose, that bad boy. Did he at least lick your tears away when you cried?

    My dog does the same thing, I have a side table off of one of my couches, directly next to a window. He leans on the table to look out the window. One of these days they’ll come crashing down.

    1. Oh yes…he licked my face like a champ! It’s what Gooses do best! Oooh…and you’re so lucky that you haven’t had a lamp/side table fatality yet!

    1. Phew….I’m glad I’m not the only one with dog frustrations! And by the way…I didn’t realize how big Gracie was until that pic of her at the new house! She’s so adorable!

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