Wedding Wednesday: Hoarding

Lately I’ve been thinking about wedding reception table decorations.  And wedding decorations in general.  Mostly on this little website…it’s called Pinterest…have you heard of it…no…I never talk about it…it’s awesome!  But as I’m pinning away ideas for possible table decorations I’m realizing a recurring theme…most of the decorations are common items that can be acquired cheaply or free and transformed into something amazing.  Because pictures speaker louder than words…here is what I’m talking about.

First up…regular old tin cans spray painted in metallic colors and filled with flowers like these.

Second up…various found glass bottles spray painted in various harmonious colors from here:

Third up…soup cans spray painted blue (one of my wedding colors!!!) and punched with complementary patterns from here.

Fourth up…glass jars (like pickle jars and salsa jars) wrapped in twine (or perhaps burlap) and filled with flowers found here.

Fifth up…empty wine or soda bottles tied to sticks with twine and filled with flowers (I’m envisioning using these to map out an aisle through my parents backyard from their house/driveway to the ceremony location) like these.

I love these ideas so so SOOOOO much.  And there are so many other ways to re-purpose what I would normally consider Tuesday’s recycling (Tuesday is trash/recycling day by the way) into some fabulous wedding decorations.  I have  no idea which ideas I’ll choose or what I’ll do (we still have PLENTY of time to decide that) but what I have started doing is hoarding all of these essentially free items.  I’ve racked up a small collection of empty wine bottles:

And just recently started stocking up on glass jars and soup cans.

Normally I’m the anti-hoarder but I condone these actions for wedding purposes.  I may not use them all and I have no clue which items I will choose.  I do know that it is much easier to start collecting these items now as we use them than it is to decide I need 100 soup cans about five weeks before the wedding.  And I figure whatever I don’t end up using I can simply send to the recycling center like I normally do.  And they’re not taking up much space (at least right now) parked out on the front porch, which seems to have become a catch all for random items (the other four of the eight dining room chairs are also parked out there as well as some other random house project materials).

Pssst…the inspiration photos from above can all be found on my “A Backyard Wedding” board on Pinterest.  Be sure to follow my Pinterest shenanigans here.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love love the wine bottles and canning jars! We make and bottle our own wine along with canning our own veggies. This would be an awesome idea for our rustic-fallish themed wedding! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m going for a rustic themed wedding as well so be sure to stop back for more ideas and info as we plan away! When is your wedding by the way?

  2. I can’t wait to see what other fun ideas you come up with! I may end up using some of them! We’re planning for a September 21, 2013 wedding.

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