Wedding Wednesday: Measuring Up The Whoopie

We’re making whoopie….whoopie pie progress that is.  Sheesh!  Get your mind out of the gutter folks!  But anyway, after careful consideration, we have finally come to the conclusion that our wedding favors will be whoopie pies!  Whoopie!  I’m sorry to all those folks from “away” that are joining us for the wedding and reading this.  Spoiler alert spoiler alert.  Ooops…maybe I should have called spoiler alert before I spoiled.  But I needed a blog post for tonight’s Wedding Wednesday feature and since I have little else on the wedding front to report, whoopie pies it is.

For wedding favors we really wanted something Maine inspired and what better Maine favor than the whoopie pie?!  And crazy Angie seems to think that she’s going to make nearly 200 whoopie pies before the wedding and box them up all pretty.  And speaking of boxes, this is the real meat of the post.  I needed boxes.  And not just any boxes, kraft paper boxes.  Do you know how hard it is to find kraft paper boxes at a reasonable price?!  Try…I dare you…it’s difficult.  So I searched and I googled and I searched some more and nearly gave up before I came across these guys at Paper Mart.

AND the boxes come in just about any size you can imagine….see:

And that’s just a few of the selections…the list goes on FOR….EV…..ERRRRR.  So I did it, I broke down and ordered 200 favor boxes for our wedding.  And it cost me less than $40!  I’ll take that s’il vous plait.  The only kicker was that it ended up costing me over $15 to ship the dang boxes.  I could have ordered another 100 boxes for that price!  The company seems to only utilize FedEx who’s rates are a little too pricey for me.  But I pulled the purchase trigger anyway.  It sure beats some of the other options I tracked down which went as high as $1.75 per box!  Ouch!

So back to the whoopie pie.  When it came down to selecting the box size for the whoopie pies I relied on a highly scientific method.  I picked up a whoopie pie from a local gas station:

and measured it…quickly…before it ended up in the depths of our stomachs.  The scrumptious dessert ended up being about 5″ in diameter (factoring in a little bit of fluff room):

By about 2.5″ high.

Thus the 5″ x 5″ x 3″ box would be just the right fit for a whoopie pie favor box.  Now I’m not gonna give the whoopie pie favor completely away.  There is going to be a bit of added flare.  But I guess you’ll just have to come to our shindig to find out.  Wedding crashing anyone?!

Pssst…Random shout out to all my recent or about to be brides out there…what was your go-to favor?  Or any awesomely creative favor ideas floating out there in blog land?  I’m curious what others have done and what kind of local flavor you brought to your favors.


  1. we go blueberry picking every summer so we decided to make blueberry jam as our favors 🙂 Goes well with the color scheme too!

      1. We made jam together, all different flavors, and picked all the berries ourselves too. We canned them in little half sized jars and made stickers with out picture that said thank you and our wedding date, everyone loved them, and I enjoyed making something personal that both of us contributed to. And everyone loves jam!

  2. Oh whoopie pies look yummy…dare I confess- I’ve never had one!
    We pick alot of blackberries, strawberries and rhubarb every year so we’ve been busy the last year and a half making wine to bottle to smaller bottles and give out at our wedding…nothing like a little love and hard work going into your favors!

    1. Okay…send me your address I’m sending you a whoopie pie! Scratch that…I’m coming down to force feed you one! Haha! They’re delicious! And I can’t believe you’re making your own wine as favors! That is ridiculous awesome. And sentimental. And sounds so you! Awwww…I love it!

      1. I’m totally going to have to hunt down a whoopie pie and try one! We may have to just take a trip to ME and get one- I’ve always wanted to check out the East Coast neways! Ha! You might just have a wedding crasher and whoopie pie stealer on your hands 😉 I kid, I kid!

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