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Now that I’ve recovered from celebrating my 29th birthday…who am I kidding…it was a mild, nice night out with Colby, it’s time for a 30 Before 30 post.  It’s about time I tackled something off the list.  At the pace I’m going I’ll only have about five things crossed off the list on my 30th birthday.  But anyway, let’s bring all you newbie readers up to speed on my 30 Before 30 project.  Basically, I made a list of 30 things I want to do before my 30th birthday and I have every intention of tackling them.

Consider #20 Spend the weekend in Southern Maine, checked off.  Although I’m not 100% convinced that I tackled it, I had intended to spend said weekend in Portland with Colby, but alas that did not work out.  But still, I was in Portland…booyah.  Originally, we had planned to spend last weekend in Portland together, celebrating my birthday, living it up in the Old Port, and cruising around the local shops and pubs.  But when Colby’s best man approached me asking if that weekend would by okay for Colby’s bachelor party, and if I could somehow get him down to Portland on Saturday, I caved.  And the weekend quickly became a surprise bachelor party weekend for the Colb-ster.  Meaning, while the boys played, I cruised around town…primarily at the beaches.  And drooled over all the lovely beach houses around Scarborough beach.

That one is my favorite!  AND it’s for sale.  I don’t even want to know how much it costs!  But isn’t the gray siding/white trim/aqua door to die for?!  Loved it!

I pretty much spent my entire weekend at the beaches in Southern Maine, soaking up the sun and taking way too many pictures.

I got to Scarborough Beach, just South of Portland, early in the morning before too many people showed up, and just walked the beach for a few hours in the early morning sun.

It was amazing…peaceful and amazing.  I came back later in the day to an overly crowded, loud beach but it was still alot of fun.

After my early morning stroll along the beach, I checked out a local flea market, Cascade Park Flea Market on Rt. 1 between Saco and Scarborough.  I was thoroughly disappointed.  But maybe that’s because I’m so spoiled with the coastal flea markets in our neck of the woods where I’ve scored sweet kitchen chairs and lounge chairs for the yard.

I did come across some interesting pottery imported from Mexico but the prices weren’t your typical flea market prices.  After my brief spin around the flea market, I kept heading South to Biddeford, home of my alma mater, the University of New England.

And my how the campus has changed in just over five years!  I strolled around campus, snapping pictures, checking out all the new buildings and of course my old dorms.  I was also reminded about why I loved my school so much…it’s right on the Saco River where it dumps into the ocean.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful campus this time of year.  I couldn’t help myself taking a short stroll down Hills Beach, where I used to spend many hours “studying”.

After my short visit to UNE, I ran a few wedding related errands.  You know…touring the local Walmarts looking for ferns, purchasing more kraft paper tags for favors, finding presents for our parents, you know…the usual stuff.  And then…finally…I spent a little time exploring the Old Port in Portland and it’s many wharves and shops.

I managed to find a store I have been drooling over for ages, Sea Bags.  All I have to say is go check out their website.  Their products are amazing!  I’ve been obsessing over their totes for awhile now but at about $140 apiece, it’s not in my budget.  Le sigh.  Maybe someday the birthday fairy will get one for me!  It was so difficult to find their shop since it’s very unassuming and out of the way.  But anyway, the company makes bags (tote bags, travel bags, etc.) out of old sail boat sales.  So cool!  You walk right into the shop and they have a few bags for sale but you mostly sea the staff hard at work making bags.  It was such an interesting place to experience.

Then I came across this shop called Anniebell’s.  I dream of owning my own home decor shop someday and in those dreams, it looks just like this place.  Seriously…I wanted EVERYTHING in this store.  The store was so packed I had a hard time snapping a good picture of the decor, bedding, and other amazing items inside. But I did capture this weird image of their shop window.  I could just snuggle right up in that bed!

Next up, East End cupcakes.  It was my birthday weekend so I had to indulge myself in cupcakes, right?!  I loved this shop.  Loved, loved, loved this shop.  And not just because they serve bacon cupcakes with maple frosting.  It was adorable!  Check out the lounge area.

I ended up getting six cupcakes: Oreo, red velvet, funfetti, vanilla, coconut lime, and peach.  And I am ashamed to admit that I ate four of them for dinner.

And they were delicious.  I saved two for Colby but alas, they melted before he could taste their decadent goodness.  All in all, the Portland Old Port is a fabulous place and I enjoyed exploring.  I just wish I had spent less time lounging on the beach and more time here.

All in all, pretty good trip.  I could have done without the two parking tickets and getting pulled over, or spending the weekend by my lonesome (I didn’t realize I was losing Colby to bachelor-dom for the entire weekend, I thought it was just Saturday, and had planned on doing some Sunday exploring together, oh well).  But it was good.  I want to go back soooooo bad.  Actually, scratch that, I just want to move there!  It’s so fun in Southern Maine with so much to do and eat.  Oh the eating!  There are hundreds of amazing little gems of eateries down there waiting to be discovered.  Oh the possibilities!

So what’s my little checklist looking like now?

  1. Get Married
  2. Go see the Timber Tina Lumberjack show in Bar Harbor
  3. Consider having children
  4. Join Colby for a romantic date night out
  5. Learn how to use the video function on my Nikon DSLR
  6. Purchase a big girl couch
  7. Try surfing
  8. Track down the world’s most amazing Sangria recipe
  9. Travel somewhere outside the continental US
  10. Run the Beach to Beacon road race
  11. Hike Cadillac Mountain
  12. Finish a quarter of the books on “The List”
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Learn to sew
  15. Bake Colby a birthday cake
  16. Learn to knit
  17. Dig for mussels on the Maine coast
  18. Finish the yearly photo books
  19. Make my own Christmas cards
  20. Spend a weekend in Southern Maine  (July 20 – 22, 2012)
  21. Go to an auction
  22. Send my mom flowers
  23. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends start to finish
  24. Explore Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  25. Cook through my recipe idea files
  26. Attend the infamous Brimfield antique show
  27. Become a mug club member at a local bar
  28. Organize the house
  29. Conquer Julia Child’s Le Boeuf Bourguignon
  30. Host a yard sale

One down…29 to go.

Pssst…Where have you been exploring lately?  Any nearby towns or cities beckoning you these days?


  1. Gorgeous pics! I love Portland. I remember having a lovely dinner there with you with Paul and Fritz, lovely because they picked up the bill 🙂

    Um, might be able to help with #29. It’s a bit intimidating but I have a copy of the cookbook, I can scan it for you if you want. One thing, the stuff you strain out? My boys called it a yummy bowl of goodness. Um, you can check out my blog is you want?

    1. Ummm…your blog makes me hungry. Really really hungry! I have the Julia Child cookbook but have still yet to try anything from it. I’m intimidated. I may just be hitting you up for some tips. You’re my cooking hero!

  2. Love the pics, sounds like you had a great time!! Maybe you and I could do the Brimfield trip together next summer?

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