What Side Do I Pee on?

While at work today, I got a text message from Colby, “What side do I pee on?”  What?!  And then I thought about it and then it all clicked.  So now, here’s how it all relates to my little grout sealing project in the bathroom.

A couple weeks ago with the potential threat of Colby’s sisters coming to visit us (yay for guests….we never have any guests!) I got the great idea that I was going to steam clean the bathroom floor AND finally seal the grout.  I’m absolutely addicted to steam cleaning the floor.  It’s so fun.  I just need my own steam cleaner so I don’t have to borrow my co-worker’s (hint hint for anyone…Colby…in need of a birthday present idea).   Here’s what our floor was looking like:

Ick!  When I initially tiled the bathroom last summer, I was told by the trusty sales associate at Lowes that I didn’t need to seal my grout if I used this fancy (twice the price) grout.  Sold!  Come to find out, my white grout needed to be sealed in order to keep its whiteness.  The task was tedious, time consuming, and right up my alley.  Armed with my most amazing grout sealer ever:

The stuff is called the impregnator and it makes me giggle every time I read the label.  The bottle on the right is a an applicator bottle.  Check out the action shot:

You end up painting on the grout sealer along all your grout lines, taking a sponge or white cloth over it to soak up any pooling, and then let it dry for 48 to 72 hours.  Since it’s our only bathroom I have to seal the grout in stages.  I ended up using painters tape to mark off the areas that I’ve done and where to walk/not walk.  Last night, while Colby was away and up in the county, I did a huge section along the shelf and marked it off from the door to the toilet.

So then it dawned on me (we’re coming back to the text message here):

“Which side do I pee on” suddenly made alot of sense.  He was referring to the runway that I had created in the bathroom and didn’t know what side was safe to walk on and which side was a NWZ (official term for a no walk zone not to be confused with a NGZ or a no Goose zone).  But doesn’t the tile look so much better now all cleaned and sealed?  Hopefully the sealant helps keep it cleaner or at least easier/quicker to clean!

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