Annual Review 2012

I’m late.  No, not that kind of late mom!  I know you want grand kids but….not today.  Anyway, I’m late at getting some kind of New Year’s resolution(s) together for the blog, house and life in general.  I’m mulling it over…there may be lists involved since that’s my idea of a good time.  But before I can REALLY get down to brass tax and come up with a few resolutions for 2013, I’ve got to sit back and think about how 2012 went…resolution wise.  And since it’s annual review time at the good ol’ day job, why not review and grade myself on how well I did with my 2012 resolutions.

2012 Resolution #1:  Plan An Awesome Wedding
Grade:  A+

Wedding Sneak Peak 2

Yeah…we rocked it.  On a scale from one to awesome it was the bomb.  I mean, have you seen the video of Colby doing the garter ceremony thing?!  We had a blast, but we’re not gonna lie, we were EXHAUSTED leading up to, during, and after our wedding.  Weddings are alot of work!  I now understand that.  Especially when you want to avoid cookie cutter wedding syndrome.  I loved all the small touches in the decor at our reception and how we made ALL of our save the dates, invitations and programs.  I’m glad we did the big wedding (there were talks of eloping) but I’m also so glad I’ll never have to do it again.  I’m sorry baby, you’re stuck with me!  Maybe I should have given myself an A- since we worked ourselves to the bone AND I still have yet to recap it all for you.  Bad blogger.  Maybe I’ll work on that this weekend.

2012 Resolution #2:  Finish Up Those Lurking House Projects
Grade:  F+

Bathroom Progress Take 3

Definitely a grade F+ for fail but with a few pieces of flair.  The “plus” represents how I’ve been improving on my focus and seeing projects out (like consistently working in the entry, finishing up the master bedroom phase 1).  The “F” represents us not even touching the bathroom this past year.  We tackled precisely zero point zero projects in that space and I vowed to finish it in 2012.  Well…the loo may be sub par but it least our wedding was awesome!  Priorities.

2012 Resolution #2:  Spend More Time Outside
Grade:  B

The intention was there, but it’s just not so easy to cut wedding table runner fabric and assemble invitations outside.  I logged some serious outdoor time this summer (so much that I wore out my hammock from hammocking too hard) but also spent a few gorgeous weekends inside crafting wedding things.  No excuses this summer.  Yard work, sunshine and summertime and escapes to the beach or lake.

Fire Pit

2012 Resolution #4:  Fancify The Good Ol’ Blog
Grade:  C

That’s a “C” for “c’mon!”  (picture Chris from “Up All Night” when you say that).  I think about blog features and special pages/graphics…dream about them…start crafting them…then forget about them.  There’s that focus thing again!  I tend to start projects (house or blog related) and then never finish them.  I’ve gotten better with the house projects (kind of) now it’s time to tackle the blog projects.  Like putting together a project gallery, an “our paint colors” section, and crafting a new header.  For crying out loud I want a new header that MEANS something instead of just looking pretty!  The blog is two going on three afterall, shouldn’t it be looking cuter by now?!

A Slice For The Birthday Blog

That’s the birthday cake I made for the blog.  It was bigger than Colby’s birthday cake.  I see how my priorities are.

So I’m sensing that my resolutions for 2012 will be VERY similar to the 2012 resolutions.  Maybe I should be more specific when writing them.  Is that key to successful resolutions?  It’s like a Tootsie-Pop…some things the world may never know.

Pssst…Check out our 2012 resolutions in total back in this post.

Psssssst…How about you guys?  Do you make resolutions at the beginning of the year?  Or review them at the end of the year?

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