Burlap Bags

One of my favorite “perks” of getting married (other than marrying my best friend…cheese police…cheese police!) is the registry completion discounts.  No joke, those discounts are nice!  Of course I know why the stores have these perks.  The marketing geek in me says that it entices poor brides to spend their wedding money at their store, but the bride in me says, “ooooooh….discount!”.  Pottery Barn was one of the places we registered for gifts and they have also bestowed upon us a blanket 10% off ANYTHING we buy in their store or online for the six months following our wedding.

And of course I had to take advantage.  Armed with a small arsenal of Pottery Barn gift cards and a sudden need to organize our ENTIRE house (it’s on my 30 Before 30 list after all), in a rustically adorable way, I couldn’t resist the Pottery Barn burlap bags.

What can I say…they were on sale, cute as a button, AND I had a coupon for free shipping.  So after applying my wedding 10% discount, free shipping coupon, and gift cards, the burlap bags were…wait for it…FREE!  Well, free to me.  A week after I ordered the bags, they arrived in a pair of boxes that I could easily pack Colby, Goose, and myself into (seriously…they were way huger…it’s a word, I swear…than they needed to be).  And I’m in love…stupidly in love…with those adorable bags.

They’re rugged as heck AND the big one holds my ginormous afghan.

Story of the afghan here:  This afghan is literally twice the size of a normal sized afghan.  It completely covers our queen sized bed but we use it mostly in the living room for chilly nights on the couch.  My mom made it for me when I went off to college so I would never be cold while I was away from home.  I love that blanket like a child, but it’s hugeness was causing a problem.  A storage problem.  Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to find a basket or container big enough (or cute enough) to hold it.  Until now….The burlap bag holds the afghan perfectly!

Until the burlap bag’s arrival, the afghan was hanging out underneath the guitar in the corner, covering the CD crates.  Now that the blanket has migrated to the other side of the media cabinet, we may need to do a little something different in the guitar corner.  But alas, I have plans so stay tuned for all the dirty details.

But back to the burlap bag…I’m digging how much texture and warmth the bag brings to that side of the media cabinet.  And how it ties into the storage baskets underneath the cabinet.  It’s the perfect complement.

Even the rope pulls tie into the sea themed lobster art and the coral on top of the media cabinet.  The rope is also similar to the rope handles on the CD crates on the opposite side of the cabinet.

Here’s a view of the whole shebang so you can get the full monty view of the media cabinet nook.

I’m pretty certain this is the best the TV nook in the living room has ever looked.  I’m so proud!  If I was a six year old again, this pic would be hanging up on my momma’s fridge because it’s THAT good!  Oh to be six again when picking what shade of pink crayon I was going to use to color in the sun (a strange one from day one I was) was my biggest concern.

And for you curious and observant folk, I did purchase both the large and the small burlap bags.  The other bag’s organizational purpose have yet to be revealed in the kitchen closet organization project that I hope to have finished by the end of the week.

Pssst…By the way, I wasn’t paid or perked by Pottery Barn to rave about their burlap bags, I just genuinely love them.  But, if you’re out there Pottery Barn and can hear my cry, feel free to send over product anytime!  Insert cricket noises here.  I have no shame.

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