Craft Room Re-Reorganization

And we’re back in the craft room for a re-reorganization and a little painting fun.  A few weeks back I setup and organized the craft space but it was nowhere near perfect (read about it back here).  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been tweaking it, re-tweaking it, until I’m finally pseudo, almost okay, can live with it for now.  Two words….super….functional.  Everything has a place, it all fits easily in one area, and get this…I can find things!  Need black thread?  Got it!  Scissors?  I can find those!  Hot glue?  In the basket!

In craft room organization phase 1, the shelves were a little all over the place color-wise.  I switched out many of the woven baskets with these wire/canvas baskets that I had bought at Target a few months back on clearance and had intended to use them in the laundry room.  They hold everything from wrapping paper and fabric to ribbons for sewing and for wrapping:

One of my favorite organizational solutions was incorporating some glass and metal containers, which picks up on the metal from the baskets.  I used mason jars (go figure…I really do have a mason jar problem) to store crochet hooks and miscellaneous buttons.  And an old cookie jar I pulled out of the depths of the kitchen cupboards holds the glitter collection.  I may also have a glitter problem.  And no…I’m not moonlighting it as stripper.  But if I was a stripper, my stripper name would be Sugar Glitter-jugs (according to a Yahoo quiz…Colby’s is Dallas Leather-sizzle…just saying).

The white baskets stayed and are pretty much the same organizational wise.  From left to right we’ve got adhesives, stamps/paint, small gift boxes, and random miscellaneous stuff.

Then the large metal/canvas baskets hold fabric.  There’s one for scrap sized fabrics and one for full size yet to be turned into a project fabrics.  The bottom shelf is once again used for wrapping supplies.  But this time around I commandeered a trio of magazine holders from the parlor to conceal the hoards of gift bags and tissue paper.

The desk/work surface area pretty much looks the same and it’s totally boring and not my style.  Someday I envision wall shelves for more storage space but I want to wait until I use the room more and assess my needs.  However, I needed to dress up the space and make it slightly more exciting.  One thing that REALLY bothered me was the clash of the tones (not to be confused with the clash of the titans…totally different kind of clash) between the wooden chair and the wooden desk.

The desk is this red toned wood and in great condition and the chair was this icky brown in poor condition.  Enter operation spray paint.  My arm is still numb from all the spray painting that happened this weekend.  I took the chair outside since it was gorgeous outside and set it up on an old piece of plywood.  I scuffed it up with sandpaper, wiped off the dust, protected the seat with masking tape, spray primed it and then spray painted it a glossy white.

I really liked the natural fiber seat that was happening with the old chair and didn’t want to spray paint it so I made sure to REALLY protect it from errant paint sprays.  To do this I literally wrapped the whole seat in masking tape.  No joke…it took me a solid 30-45 minutes to properly wrap that sucker.

After the paint had fully dried, I brought it back inside and set it up in the craft room.

What a difference!  It fits in much better and picks up on the white from the sewing machine, from the wicker side table (which is just outside the frame of these pictures but trust me it’s there), and from the storage baskets and magazine holders on the ladder shelf.

The new glossy white chair makes me want to sit down in it this minute and start sewing.  Speaking of sewing, I still have yet to sew anything on my own without adult supervision…I mean…the help of my mom.  I’m still a little intimidated.  But I have picked up a sewing basics book which I’ve read cover to cover a few times.  I can now say with confidence that I KNOW what a bobbin is…but how to use it…that’s another story.  AND I now have fabric.  I picked up some mattress ticking fabric this weekend that I plan on making into table runners for our wedding reception.

And the Spoonflower fabric that I created and ordered came yesterday!  Woohoo!  I love, love LOVE that fabric!  It’s more perfect than I imagined!  The color is perfect…the design is perfect…and I have visions of sugarplums curtains dancing through my head!

And can we just talk about how ridiculously adorable the Spoonflower business card is?

It’s on a piece of fabric and they packed it in with my order.  Oh so cute…or should I say “sew” cute!  Har har har!  Anyway….fingers crossed that I’ll have some time, and more importantly courage, to conquer Ms. Singer this weekend.

Pssst…Is it sad that I’m already thinking about my weekend projects and it’s only Tuesday?!  I live for the weekends!  Anyone else already wishing it was Friday night?!  So they can paint their kitchen closet?!  Oh the things I find fun!

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