What’s our project du jour? We’re building a small, backyard greenhouse out of old window sash. As an avid vegetable gardener in the pursuit of extending our growing season, I’m excited to experiment with greenhouse growing. AND having a space for all the spring seedlings to live more protected from frost than on our outdoor dining table.

Backyard greenhouse project framing finished and old windows going in, greenhouse set in a field of daffodils

Greenhouse Building Timeline:

  • January 2022: Gather greenhouse inspiration, decide on location
  • February 2022: Designed greenhouse plans using SketchUp
  • March 2022: Ordered greenhouse materials and had them delivered
  • Summer 2022: Framed greenhouse
  • October 2022: Began painting greenhouse
  • Summer 2023: Rains all but four days all summer, very little greenhouse progress
  • November 2023: Paint greenhouse roof strapping in the basement
  • January 2024: Install roofing strapping and drip edge

Project Punch List:

  • Finish strapping and drip edge for roofing
  • Roof the greenhouse using polycarbonate roofing materials
  • Install greenhouse ventilation
  • Finish installing old window sash
  • Add clapboards underneath the windows
  • Finish trimming the greenhouse
  • Paint window sash, clapboards, and trim
  • Build and install a Dutch door
  • Build tables for seedlings
  • Prep an in-ground garden bed

Project Posts: