Oh How The Garden Grows

After a slow start, the garden that we planted out back is finally taking hold!  We started most of the seeds indoors in our old apartment and then transplanted them once we moved in.  Much to our surprise on closing day, a rototiller was thrown in with the house leaving Colby with a new toy to play with.  The garden includes tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes (after all, I am still a county girl), broccoli, chives, and even some hot pepper plants.  Another happy surprise, what we once thought were overgrown bushes in the back yard turned out to be hoards of raspberry bushes.  Yummy!  Not too many of them have made it inside since both Colby and Goose can’t resist eating them right off the plant.  This weekend Colby even cleaned out all the overgrown brush in the back section of the back yard and it looks amazing!  It made the yard look even bigger!  Enjoy the pics.

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