Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition 2012

I can feel it coming in the air tonight…Oh Lord…I can’t believe I just brought out some old school Phill Collins.  I just can’t contain my excitement.  Now we just need Mike Tyson and a tiger to make this little announcement even more exciting.  And maybe Alan too with his satchel.  Without further ado…the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition is BACK.

I love the Pinterest Challenge…like seriously love the Pinterest Challenge.  It’s just the inspiration I need to stop pinning and start doing.  I take that back.  I can’t stop pinning.  I’ve got the Pinterest fever…and in the words of Will Ferrell…the only prescription is more cowbell.

So here’s how it all works…take some of your Pinterest pins, use it for inspiration to do your own version of the project, put your own spin on it, and then share your project with one of the four fabulous hosts.  It can be anything…a big project, a small project, cooking related, DIY related, awkward or normal.  Just be sure to give your pin-spiration credit and link back to their project.  Simple as that.  Let’s meet our four gracious hosts, shall we?!

That’s Sarah from the Ugly Duckling House (which just might be my new favorite blog ever…she’s like a cross between awkwardly awesome Sherry Petersik and the amazing power-tool-wielding Ana White…Sarah’s my idol), Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love and Carmel from Our Fifth House.  Each of these lovely ladies will be hosting a link party on their respective blogs for everyone to link up their Pinterest Challenge projects next Tuesday, October 30th.  I’m not gonna lie, cruising all the Pinterest Challenge projects post link party is pretty much my favorite.  I love all the awesomeness that oozes out those link parties.  And the blog cruising just fuels the Pinterest addiction.  There are always so many amazing projects to pin away at.

Some of my favorite projects around the Roost have stemmed from the Pinterest Challenge including map art hearts for our bathroom, Marilyn Monroe plank art for the stairway nook, ombre staircase balusters, and lobster art for our living room.  But I am UBER excited about my project for the Fall 2012 Edition.  Here’s a hint as to what I’ll be working on:

  1. Hidden closet door bookcase from Hidden Passages
  2. Another hidden door bookcase from Ana White
  3. And a painted china hutch from Better Homes & Gardens

So be sure to check back next week when I reveal my Pinterest Challenge project.  And check out Sarah, Katie, Sherry and Carmel’s blogs on Tuesday, October 30th to share your project and peruse the Pinterest Challenge goodness from fellow bloggers.  I’m off to get cracking on my project as we speak.

Pssst…Alrighty then…who else out there will be participating in the Pinterest Challenge Fall 2012 Edition?  Do you know what you’re doing yet or do you still have some Pinteresting to do?!

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