Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition 2012

Scrrrreeeerrrrrreeeecccccchhhhhhhhhhhh!  Yup.  That’s how I spell a grinding, squealing, screeching halt.  I asked Colby how to spell a screeching sound to which he responded “S-C-R-E-E-C-H”.  Borrrrrr-ing!  Anywho, I’m sad to announce that art week has come to a grinding, squealing, screeching halt.  Wop wop wop…..  I’ll be back at some point next week to finish up the series and the parlor gallery project.  But I’m super excited to announce that the Pinterest Challenge is back!  Woot woot!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pinterest Challenge, here’s how it works in a nut shell.  Stop pinning and start doing!  Now for more of a Cliff Notes version.  Pick a project that you’ve pinned on Pinterest, use it as inspiration, put your own spin on the project, and check back in on Wednesday (at one of our four hosts’ blogs…see below) to share/see everyone’s projects.  Let’s meet the four hosts of this little challenge/link party.  This challenge was started a few rounds back by the amazing Katie Bower of Bower Power and supported with the equally amazing Sherry of Young House Love.  I adore those gals!  And then the guest hosts for the challenge include Erin from The Great Indoors  and Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.

I am super excited about the Pinterest Challenge.  I actually picked out my project for this round shortly after the last round, a few months ago.  I know. I’m THAT girl (cough cough…nerd…cough cough).  It’s just my nature to over plan/prepare.  So normally this would be the place where I show you my inspiration photo that I’ve picked out but I’m sorry to report that I just can’t do it.  My inspiration photo would TOTALLY give my project away.  But it does have something to do with this:

It’s our sad looking staircase that’s in need of LOTS of love!  The Pinterest Challenge project plan is to do a fun little baluster project.  We’ve gone almost a year without balusters (the old ones snapped like twigs and quickly got destroyed in the hallway demolition/renovations) and it’s high time we got around to replacing them.  And since we proclaimed in our 2012 resolutions back here that this would be the year of tackling all those nagging projects, it’s time.  But in true Angie’s Roost fashion, our new baluster solution will have pizazz and flair.  Maybe even 12 pieces of flair.  Curious now, huh?!

And if you want to catch up on my old Pinterest Challenge posts/projects, be sure to check out the Pinterest Challenge category over there on the right.  For the fall edition, I hacked up a Marilyn Monroe poster and gave it a rustic feel by mounting it to some recycled wood with Modge Podge.  You can read about that project reveal back here.  She graces the open space above our staircase and Colby still wishes her good morning most days as he trots down the stairs for his morning coffee.  I can’t deny it…I’m a little jealous.

And then for the summer edition, I framed up a trio of map hearts….one for Colby’s home town, one for mine, and one for where we live now.  Cue up the awwwwwww.

You can read about that project back here.  So now I’m off to finish painting the stairway trim/risers and prep the staircase for its new balusters!  Woohoo!  So much work to do….so little time!

Pssst….Happy almost weekend everyone!  So…dish…any amazing weekend projects planned?  Anyone else bunkering down in their staircase to make some serious magic happen.  Wait…scratch that…that sounded dirty…and awkward. 

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