Poly Poly Oxen Free

Poly like a rock star, poly like a rock star, poly like a….rock star.  So we’ve been polying like rock stars here at the good ol’ roost.  Well, technically Colby has been polying like a rock star while I’ve been at zumba class.  I heart zumba.  What have we been polying?  The desk top!  Eeeeeee!  Desk installation day is getting soooooo close!

Sadly, I am STILL working on painting all the trim in the room.  So far, everything is primed and caulked and now I’m just working on putting the final two coats of glossy white paint and then it’s time to call it good.  I know, I know, I’m REALLY dragging out the trim painting but I’ve got alot going on these days between wedding planning and a busy day job.  Plus, putting off painting the trim is fulfilling my persistent need to procrastinate on house projects.  To poly the desk surface, Colby used the left over Varathane poly that we used on the floor.

He layered on two coats of poly on the underside of the desk top.  It probably wasn’t absolutely necessary since it is after all, the bottom of the desk top, but it didn’t hurt anything.  Then on the top surface, which will be taking alot more abuse over the years, he layered on three coats and we may do another one just to be sure.  We don’t need our pens and lap tops gouging the new desk already.  We should at least give it a month or two before we do the serious damage.

And now we wait a good 48 hours for the poly to completely dry and by then I should have all the trim painted up all pretty so we can officially move the desk into its proper home and start desk organizing!  Eeeee…organizing!

Pssst…So I’m contemplating starting a series called “Goose in compromising positions”.  What do we think?  You see, our dog tends to sit in really strange positions.  He’s an odd duck…errrr…goose.  No?  Don’t like the idea?  Curses.  I’m really getting desperate for some blog material stat!

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