Rug Wronged

I admit it.  Occasionally I do make mistakes and fess up to them.  I’m human too, although I strive for super human perfection most days.  That’s just my nature.  Anyway, Colby and I were just talking about an upcoming renovation that we’re planning for our master bedroom and discussing our attack plan.  During that convo it hit me like a ton of bricks (ouch by the way…I can’t imagine getting a ton of bricks thrown at me) that we’ve learned so much in the short 1.75 years we’ve been living and renovating our home.  Well, I’m currently learning about rug selection.  The other day, we lugged home an awesome and cheap (super sale cheap) rug from Target.

I should also note that Colby carried the rug out of Target…just like this…AND even pulled a Three Stooges bit and pretended to run into everybody in the store, the doorway, and the Target guy bringing in the shopping carts (Target guy found this HILARIOUS).  But back to the rug.  It’s a 5′ x 7′ Target Home rug which was originally $79, on sale for $71, plus a Target card discount to bring it down to about $67.50.

We needed a rug for the parlor to protect the newly refinished hardwood floor from the serious abuse from rolling desk chairs.  We figured a 5′ x 7′ rug would be just the right size to span the two desk area chair spaces, which it did.  However, it looked really funny once we unrolled it and got it into place.

Hmmm…maybe from another angle and with the desk top installed it will look better?

Nope.  Definitely a too small rug.  Ooops.  Live and learn I guess.  We are still keeping the rug.  It was a great deal on a 5′ x 7′ in a neutral color that could be used pretty much anywhere in the house.  I think the plan is to use it either in the former upstairs office which is about to be turned into craft space/guest bedroom, or save it for the kitchen when we incorporate a breakfast nook into the space.  Meanwhile, Colby and I have Friday date night plans to go look for a bigger rug…hello 8′ x 10′!

Pssst…Hello weekend…it’s me…Angie…could you get here sooner?  Thank you!  Happy almost weekend everyone!

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