What’s In The Box

Apparently I have wedding on the brain these days as I have yet another wedding related project for you this evening (the first project was the first dance art).  Although this project is a little more hybrid like and includes a little organization and a little wedding.  The other day I was trying to organize and store all of the wedding related paraphernalia that we had acquired.  I’m talking cake knife, wedding cards, shower cards, bunting, cake toppers, etc.  I had this white storage cube-like box that I had been storing stuff in during the wedding planning process, but in the end it wound up too small to fit everything.  I love the box, but it was just too small.  So I started thinking to myself, “self…why couldn’t this box just be bigger?!”  So…I was cruising the Home Goods section of TJ Maxx the other day, which is my idea of a good time on a Saturday night while Colby is away gallivanting around the woods (it’s hunting season…thus I find myself a hunting widow most weekends), and my wish came true.  I found a larger version of THE SAME box.

What are the odds?!  The original box (which I introduced to you during my Martha organizing love-fest back here in February) is on the left and the new box, purchased from the same store nine months later, is on the right.  Seriously…they’re identical minus the size.  The smaller box was a $6 clearance steal and the large box, not quite as cheap, was $12 and worth every penny!  The box held everything perfectly.  There wasn’t a spare square inch to spare but managed to hold everything that I wanted to fit inside.

Contents include the cake knife (on the bottom), extra save the date cards, extra invitation suites, some bunting from the reception decor, the birdie cake toppers, extra garters that my momma made, and all of our wedding and bridal shower cards.  Speaking of cards, I followed through with my card storage plan and punched holes in all of them and bound them with rings.  It makes it so easy to flip through the cards and read all the lovely love notes from all our friends and family.  Cue up the obligatory “awwwwwwww”.

I couldn’t believe the amount of cards that we had amassed.  Between my bridal shower cards, congrats on your engagement cards, and the mound of wedding cards, the box was pretty much full.  But I couldn’t bear to part with a single card.  They’re just so pretty!

I was amazed how well everything wedding related fit into the “wedding box” as it’s now affectionately known as.  It’s like this little wedding time capsule that we can take out and peruse through from time to time when we’re feeling wedding nostalgic like.  Or if we ever feel the need to get our wooden birdie fix.  As for the old, smaller wedding box, he got repurposed as thank you note/note card/envelope storage.  It suits him well.

And now both boxes are living happily in harmony on the large shelf above our desk.

Here’s the closeup of the in harmony boxes.  And I freshened up the shelf a little bit and brought out a few green vases.  They were antique store finds from a few years ago.  Actually, I think they date back to before we even bought the house.  They’ve been with us long time.

So there you have it.  A quick and simple organizing project that gets our hearts going all pitter patter like.  And not just because organizing projects get me all hot and bothered excited, but because it’s like having our own little love box sitting up on the shelf above our work space.  We just can’t help but smile when we think of its contents and the happiness of our big day.  Where’s the cheese police when you need them!?

Pssst…What simple organizing projects have you done lately?  Anyone else have the shopping/organizing gods smile down on them with the perfect solution to their organizing dilemma?  I still can’t believe I found EXACTLY what I was looking for…and accidentally!

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