Blogiversary 1: The Bathroom

Next up on the grand blogiversary tour, the bathroom.  The bathroom was our numero uno priority when the house was turned over to us.  We had one month left at our apartment when closing day rolled around, so what better time to do a complete bathroom remodel.  And we can totally get it all done in a month!  Right?!  Or so we thought.  Scratch that…so I thought.  Of the two of us, Colby is the more realistic one.  I tend to think we can accomplish the impossible in no time at all.  What can I say…I’m driven.  But back to bathrooms.  Can you blame us for wanting to redo it?   It used to look like this:

Yup….it was pretty gosh darn disgusting!  Now it looks more like this:

I know!  Big difference, right?!  We deserve an award for that one and it should be called the “turning the world’s most disgusting bathroom into the world’s most ridiculously amazing space ever” award.  We still have so much work to do but it’s getting there.  Since it’s the only bathroom in the house, we spent the first month (while we still had our apartment) gutting the room (shown here), putting up a new wall (remember…we moved the bathroom over into the next room), re-wiring, sheetrocking, re-plumbing, etc.  We didn’t even get around to tiling the floor or the shower until last summer.  For the longest time the shower walls were just sheetrock with about a gazillion and a half coats of paint on them (check that out here).  They held up really well though!  When we took the sheetrock down it was still dry as a bone under all that paint!

What’s that?  You want to see a little bit more before/progress pics of the bath-tastic project?  Ok…if you insist!  Here’s another angle, this time it’s of the toilet area:

And that same nook as it looks today:

As you can see, the painter still needs to get her butt in gear and finish painting the baseboard trim that Colby installed.  It’s had this two toned look for a long time now.  But at least it matches the hamper!  Why is our baseboard trim two tone you might ask?  Well, we really like the look of fancy, built out baseboard but we’re cheap-o’s at heart.  In order to save money and still get the great look we use plain old pine and add a trim piece on top of it.  Here’s a close up:

It will definitely look a lot better once all the trim is white.  Not only does this trim need painting but so does the casing around the door, the door itself (it was a freebie find that needed some serious cleaning up), and the storage shelves.  Speaking of the storage shelves:

This space was a great discovery.  It was just wasted space before and all closed up.  It used to be dead space above the staircase on the other side of the wall.  Oh, and remember my hook labeling project?  Yeah, those came crashing down shortly after installation.  I’m bound and determined to figure out a way to mount those suckers so they actually stay.

Let’s reminisce about the old shower situation for a second:

It was 1) gross and disgusting, 2) way too short for Colby to use, and 3) right in front of a window:

I can proudly say I never had to take a shower in there!  Now it’s pretty and looks like this:

Colby the plumber made sure that the shower head, which is one of those fancy raining showers, was tall enough for all 6’5″ of him.  Colby claims that Shaq could fit in that shower, but I somehow doubt that.  So the old, pink cast iron tub didn’t last long in our possession and was quickly tossed out the window.  Literally tossed out the window.  Check it out here.

While there are still TONS of little projects to take care of in the bathroom, the major one left is the vanity.  We still don’t have a real vanity and are using a temporary one:

It’s just a piece of plywood spanning the space between the tub and the wall.  We fancied it up with a little trim, some paint, and a lot of poly.  We added the sink that we picked up from the Re-Store store for only $10 and a free faucet inherited from my parents.  Total cost of vanity: $20.  Even the mirror above the vanity was super cheap!  We picked it up at a yard sale for only $10 after Colby broke the old one by putting a hole saw through it…ooops!  Thankfully, his seven years of bad luck hasn’t kicked in yet.

I’m completely to blame for our lack of vanity.  I’ve been obsessed with trying to find a really cool old dresser that I can paint white and turn it into a bathroom vanity.  I still haven’t found “the one” but fingers crossed that I come across it during yard sale season 2011.  We’ve already hit up a few sales with no luck.  If nothing pops up, we’ll just have to resort to building it!

So this concludes our bathroom tour, which is probably the second most finished room in the house.  Thus, I’m giving you fair warning, the rest of the house is down right disastrous at the moment so you’re in for a real treat with these next couple of posts!  Just be thankful that there’s no more paneling and shag carpeting because we certainly are!


  1. Ang,

    It looks like you have done an amazing amount of work! Love the blog, wicked enjoyed it while you were in Russia too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I am to please my readers…glad you’re enjoying it. We had a fabulous weekend…gorgeous weather! Hope you had a great one too…Mondays roll around too fast!

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