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Entrifical Force

It’s official…our entry is done!  And done with pizazz, otherwise known as entrifical force.  And an entrifical force our entry certainly is complete with some organization and Nate Berkus accessories.  Bam!

Organized And Functional Entry

Almost knocked you over there, didn’t she?!  I told you the entry is sporting some serious entrifical force.  Last time I say that, I swear.  But let’s step back to the very beginning.  Back to when Colby built a custom shelf for the entry.

Unfinished Entry Shelf

It’s just wedged right in there, no screws necessary, it’s such a great fit.  But why a custom shelf?  One…because that’s how we roll, two…we like real wood as opposed to most of the fake wood/laminate big box store shelves, and three…because we fit the shelf around the beam in the entry thanks to a little notching.

Entry Shelf Notched Around Beam

So with the entry shelf built, I gave it my usual stain/poly combo using the same materials/method as when we finished the entry bench.  Side note…it’s amazing how two different woods take stain so differently!  The shelf has more of a reddish tint to it than the bench does.

Entry Shelf Stained And Polyed

Anyway, once the stain/poly dried, up on the rooftop click click click wall the shelf went.  Colby just wedged it right in there before whipping out the level to make sure it was properly positioned.

Positioning And Leveling Entry Shelf

Then the fun part, attaching the shelf to the wall.  We opted to just screw the shelf directly into the wall.  But to kind of hide the screws that would be visible,  we used these countersinks.

Countersink Bits

Countersinks, in my words not Colby’s official-like-technical-terms, is like a drill bit/hole saw combo.  The bits drill a pilot hole into the wood for the screw, and also bore out some of the wood around it so you can sink the screw below the surface of the wood.  Here’s a shot after using the countersink bit:

Drilling The Countersink Hole

And here’s the shot after we screwed the shelf to the wall.  Note how the screw “sinks” into the wood.

Fastening Shelf To Wall

If we so choose, down the road, we could cover the screw with a wood plug, blending the screw holes in with the rest of the wooden shelf.  But we don’t mind the pair of exposed screws so we’re leaving them for now.

With the shelf in place, our next step was to add some coat hooks.  I ended up going with a couple sets of hooks from Target’s Threshold line, in an oil rubbed bronzed finish.  They only set me back $3.99 each (before my 5% Target card discount).

Entry Shelf Hooks From Target

And just screwed them into the wooden shelf, making sure to screw them in evenly and level-ie.

Entry Shelf

It’s easier to tell in the shot below, but we tried to line up the coat hooks with the pieces of wood we used for batten.  You know, so everything kind of looked all even, spaced out correctly and professional like.  You can also see how the same stain played differently with the two different types of woods.

Entry Shelf

With the shelf in place, I put away my wood finishing cap and unleashed some serious accessorizing fury.  I had picked up a few items at Target to help organize the space but most everything we brought into this entry was “shopped” from throughout our house.

Updated Entryway

The basket was new.  It’s a bread basket from Target that I picked up for $7.99.

Target Bread Basket Used In Entry

It holds a flashlight, an umbrella and the charger to Goose’s magic collar (the only thing that keeps him from running into on coming traffic).

Umbrella And Goose Stuff In Basket

The other side of the shelf sports the Nate Berkus ram’s head I picked up a while back, a Martha Stewart for Staples white office box, and a recently purchased Nate Berkus for Target storage box (the larger one).

Entry Shelf

The white box holds all of our batteries in an organized fashion.  I know it’s strange and un-typical-like to store batteries in an entry, but I wanted to add another box to the shelf and I HAD to organize our battery mess somehow, so this works for now.  Maybe after the big kitchen remodel someday we’ll have a nice little spot in a junk drawer for battery organization.  Until then, the box in the entry is working.

Batteries In White Box

The Nate Berkus box holds our sunglasses.  It keeps them out of Goose’s zone of terror and also keeps them dust and dirt free.

Sunglasses In Nate Berkus Box

I hung up a rope knot (which you’ll learn a little bit more about tomorrow) on one of the hooks as well as the small Pottery Barn burlap sack that we use to hole all our winter hats and mittens.

Rope Knot From Chicken Barn

It’s so comforting to have a nice little spot once we come in our house to drop bags, hang up our coats, and dump the mittens and boots.  It’s taking a little bit of time to get used to our new little dumping zone, we still tend to leave things on the kitchen table, but we’re coming around.  What’s left on the entry to-do list?  The only task left for this space is to add a little art on the walls, which I’ve been scheming ideas for a few weeks now.  You know I’ll keep you posted.  But until then I’m reveling in our entry joy.

Pssst…What have you guys been organizing lately?  Any mudroom projects?


  1. LOVE!!!! 🙂 …. also, that target stuff was toughhhh to walk by… i wanted the little twine wrapped rhino and hippo 🙂 ….where would I even put those in a frat house? Miss you! and hoping to see all of this awesomeness in person soon!

    1. Ooooh…I love those too! Like so much love for them! I bet we could make them ourselves with some twine…hmmmmm! Craft project!

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